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stages of dev

stages of development

Freud's Oral stage birth-1 yrs mouth is the source of all comfort
Freud's Anal stage 1-3 yrs center of pleasure between mouth & organs of elimination
Freud's Phallic stage 3-6 yrs both pleasurable and conflicting feelings with genitals
Freud's Latency stage 6-12yrs sexual energies now focused on socially acceptable means of expression
Freud's Genital stage onset of puberty physical changes & sexual attraction
Piaget's Sensorimotor stage birth-2 sense of self as separate from the external environment
Piaget's Preoperational stage 2-6 yrs learning to express self with language
Piaget's Concrete stage 6-12 yrs learning to apply logic to thinking
Piaget's Formal stage 12-15 yrs & up learning to think & reason in abstract terms
Erikson's Trust vs Mistrust birth-2 yrs develop basic trust in the mothering figure & generalize it to others
Erikson's Autonomy vs shame/doubt 18mo-3 yrs gain some self control & independence w/i the envirionment
Erikson's Initiative vs guilt 3-6 yrs develop sense of purpose & the ability to initiate & direct own activities
Erikson's industry vs inferiority 6-12 yrs achieve sense of self confidence by learning from significant others
Erikson's identity vs role confusion 12-20 yrs secure sense of self
Erikson's intimacy vs isolation 20-30 yrs form an intense,lasting relationship or commitment
Erikson's generativity vs stag nation 30-65 yrs achieve the life goals established for oneself
Erikson's ego integrity vs despair 65-death review one's life and derive meaning from both positive and negative events
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