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Comp. Prog. Exam01

Computer Programing basics

What are three problem solving techniques presented in class? Draw a picture, count, stepwise refinement, adopt a different perspective, add/remove a constraint, prototype.
If you need to store information in a Java program, where do you store it? In a variable
How do you change the value of a variable? Use and assignment statement.
Assume you have an Object, called anObject. Write a statement to send it a doStuff message which has no parameters. anObject.doStuff()
What is “pixel” an abbreviation for? What does it mean? Picture element, one dot on the screen
Write Java code to declare an variable of type Flopsy, named bunny. Flopsy bunny;
Create an object of type Flopsy and store it in bunny bunny = new Flopsy();
Assuming it exists, what method in the Flopsy class is invoked by System.out.println(bunny); ? toString()
How do you send information along with a message to an object? Put it in a parameter.
Java is a typed language. What does that mean? All information in the program has a type. 11.
How many colors (exactly) are possible in Java? 256 ^3
What are the three attributes of every variable? Type name value
What must every identifier in Java start with? A letter.
What characters are allowed in Java identifiers? Letters, digits, and underscores.
Assuming a programmer is following the capitalization convention, is foo a variable or a class? An Object
What are three Java statements we have covered so far? Assignment, Return, Message
Computing is information processing”; how is most processing accomplished in Java? By sending messages to objects.
Why are accessors called accessors? They allow objects to access the values in variables inside other objects.
Write Java code to declare an variable of type Foo named aFoo. Foo aFoo;
Where is information stored in a Java program? In variables
Java is a typed language, so all information in a Java program has a type. Name two types you have used in your programs. int, String, Button
Which, by convention, begin with small letters, object or class names? object names
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