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Latin Aneid zzzzxxx


to say, speak, tell, call, name, describe, chant dico
to seek, attack, aim (at), ask peto
to conquer, surpass vinco
to snatch (from) tear away, rescue eripoi
to burn, be eager ardeo
to go under, bear, approach subeo
servo servare to observe, watch; preserve, save, guard
cerno cernere to discern, perceive, understand, decide, fight
tendo tendere to stretch; hasten, strive, (ex)tend)`
fero ferre to bear, endure, wear; report, say; carry (off), plunder, extol; tend; grant
volo velle to will, be willing
do dare to give, grant, allow, bestow
surgo surgere to raise, (a)rise, spring up, SURGE
sto stare to stand (fast; up); halt, endure, remain
aio ais ait to say, speak, assert
teneo tenere to have, hold, restrain
to go, proceed, come eo ire
to revolve, (un)roll, roll (through); undergo volvo volvere
to be, exist sum esse
to pour (out), shed; lay low, slay, rout fundo fundere
to stray, wander, err; linger erro errare
to command, order, bid, urge iubeo iubere
to rage, rave furo furere
sto stare = to give, grant, allow, bestow false
ardeo ardere = to see, perceive; be seen, appear false
quaero quaerere = to rage, rave false
duco ducere = to lead, draw (out), protract; produce true
voco vocare = to say, speak, tell, call, name true
servo servare = to observe, watch; preserve, save, guard true
relinquo relinquere = to snatch (from), tear away, rescue false
birth, origin, race; descendant; kind, family genus
mountain mons
shore, coast, border ora
fire, flame, light, lightning, star; passion, love, fury flamma
tear, compassion lacrima
oar remus
day, time, season dies
sea, waves; (level) plain mare
sea, flood, waves mare
head; summit; life caput
part, portion, share, side pars
field, plain campus
breast, heart, soul pectus
ship, boat, vessel navis
shore, strand, coast, beach ora
goddess dea
name, face nomen
gold aurum
begetter, father (NOT "pater") genitor
wind, breeze, blast ventus
queen of the gods juno
shout, roar clamor
sea mare
mens mind,feeling
mater mother, dame; MATRON
finis end, limit, border; country; goal; starting place
deus god, divinity, diety
vates prophet, seer, bard
somnus sleep, slumber, dream
anima air, breath, life, sould
rex king
fors chance, fortune
manus hand; band, troop; deed
sedes seat; abode, habitation; bottom; tomb, shrine
animus soul, spirit, breath, courage; thought, purpose
parens parent, ancestor, mother, father
agmen army, (battle) line, troop
cursus course, running, haste
vis force, violence, energy, power
coniunx husband, wife,
lux light sun; day; life
italia italy
pater father, ANCESTOR
vir (real) man; hero, husband
portus port, harbor, haven
juppiter king of the gods
chance, (mis)fortune; fall casus
wave, billow, water unda
foot pes
care, anxiety, grief; love cura
threshold, doorway, entrance; abode limen
cloth, canvas, sail velum
word, speech, command dictum
wrath, rage, anger ira
plowed land, field, region arvum
citadel, fort; height, hill arx
shoulder umerus
death, destruction mors
troy troia
priam, king of troy priamus
divinity, divine power (will, favor, purpose) numen
star, constellation, meteor; season, weather, heaven sidus
gift, offering, prize, reward donum
walls (PL); city moenia
flame, fire, torch; love flamma
command, power, dominion, rule, sway imperium
right hand dextera
stern; ship, vessel puppis
lumen = light, lamp; eye True
tectum = weapon, wound False
equus = god, divinity, deity False
arma = shore, border, coast False
vita=life, soul, spirit true
fuga = fame, report, reputation false
telum = cloth, canvas, sail true
via = (real) man; hero, husband false
victor = mother, dame; matron false
victor = mother, dame; matron false
fama = fame, report, reputation true
ara = citadel, fort; height, hill false
tempus = time; occasion true
domus = place, region, condition, situation false
terra = earth, land, country true
regnum = gift, offering, prize, reward false
fortuna = flight, haste, exile, speed false
bellum = cloth, canvas, sail false
munus = function, duty; gift true
poena = punishment, penalty, revenge, vengeance true
silva = forest, wood(s), trees true
corpus = body, CORPSE, form true
Publius Vergilius Maro wrote the Aeneid (TRUE) True
Created by: iboy201