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Midterm Exam

Define: Culture Beliefs, social norms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group Behaviors include: thinking, communicating, value and belief system, relationships, rituals and traditions.
Define: Acculturation Adopting traits from another culture, while still retaining aspects of their own.
Define: Assimilation Giving up cultural beliefs/practices as a way to “fit in” with dominant culture.
Define: Cultural Humility Recognize lack of familiarity with a person’s culture which enables one to analyze personal beliefs and biases .
Define: Ethnocentrism View that one’s “own cultural orientation is the ‘correct’ view of reality,” including religious views.
Define: Stereotypes Imposing preconceived assumptions or observations about behaviors, beliefs, and actions to individuals without evaluating unique values and experiences.
Define: Generalizations Draws on experiences and commonalities of groups or cultures while allowing room for the individual experience. May be inaccurate due to many factors.
Define: Cultural Competence Development of a set of skills, knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs used in such a way that will allow provision of effective patient care to all people.
Do you have to be aware of your own cultural values to be considered “culturally competent?” Yes
Define: Prejudice Unjustified negative attitude based on a person’s group membership.
Deine: Descrimination Differential actions toward others according to specific characteristics.
Created by: victorious623