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All Vocab Science

All of the Vocabulary from 9/25-10/4

Minerals Natural occurring solid substances
Rocks: Substances made from a variety of materials
Atom: The basic component of matter consisting of protons, neutrons, and electrons
Crystals: Organized and Repeating atoms or molecules joined together
Crystal structures: Organized repeated patterns
Physical properties: A distinctive set that every minerals has
Streak: The color a mineral has when it is rubbed against a hard surface
Luster: The physical property of a mineral that describes the way light reflects off its surface
Density: A measure of mass per unit volume mass/volume
Hardness: The physical property of a mineral’s ability to resist scratching
Conductivity: The measure of a materials ability to transfer energy
Cleavage: The physical property of how a mineral breaks or fractures
Molten rock: a liquid mixture of dissolved pieces of rocks, gasses and minerals
Magma: molten rock beneath the earths surface
Lava: Molten rock that erupts at the earths surface
Pegmatite: a type of igneous rock that contains large mineral crystals
Silicate: a common group of minerals that contain silicon and oxygen molecules
Felsic: rocks and minerals that form from molten rock rich in silicon dioxide molecules
Mafic: rocks and minerals that form from molten rock low in silicon dioxide molecules but rich in iron and magnesium
Solution: a homogenous mixture of more then one substance
Evaporates: a change of state from illiquid to gas caused by the gain of heat energy in the liquid.
Crystallization: The formation and growth of minerals from liquid to gas
Precipitation: a chemical reaction in which solids form and separate from a solution
Stalactite: a mineral deposit shaped like an icicle that hangs down from a cave
Stalagmite: A mineral deposit, usually cone shaped rising upward from a cave floor
Metamorphism: A structural or chemical change to minerals within a rock caused by heat, pressure, or the replacement of elements by hot fluids
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