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weather test part 1

4 main factors of weather humidity, wind, temperature, and air pressure
how are the four factors connected as temperature increases humidity increases, as air pressure changes wind is created, and as air pressure changes humidity changes
what are the three forms of heat radiation, conduction, and convecation
give an example of the three types of heat radiation- heat from the sun conduction- the sun warming the ground which warms the air convection- warm air rises and cold air sinks
name the layers of the atmosphere troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere
what happens in the toposphere weather
what happens is the statosphere air travel
what happens in the mesosphere stops meteors
what happens in the ionosphere auroras
what happens in the thermosphere traps heat
what happens in the exosphere satilites to and unlimited height
compare how air pressure changes with altitude air pressure decrease altitude increases, as air pressure increases altitude decreases
what is an isobar an imaginary line that connects similar air pressures
how is wind created different air pressures in the atmosphere
what happen with high pressure fair. clear, sunny weather; wind spins to the right; barometer # will be high because air is more dense
what happens with low pressure cloudy, rainy weather; wind spins to the left; barometer # will be low because air is less dense
land breeze ool air from the land rushes out ot the sea. It warms up and rises back into the atmosphere and heads towards the land.
sea breeze cool air from the sea rushes towards the land. it warms up and rises back into the atmosphere and heads towarss the sea.
wind measured with anemometer
temperature measured with thermometer
air pressure measured with barometers
moisture/ humidity measured with psychrometer
trade winds blow from the horse latitudes to the equator
horse latitudes are calm areas of falling air
prevailing westerlies blow away from the horse latitudes towards the poles
duldrums calm areas where warm air rises
coriolis effect the earths rotation from west to east underneath the wind makes winds curve instead of blowing in a stright line
polar easterlies blow from the east to the west
Created by: benleonard13