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Outsiders 1

Outsiders Chapter 1-3

Who spoke up and told Dally to leave the girls alone? Johnny
What happened to Ponyboy as he walked home from the movies alone? He was jumped by the Socs.
List three Greasers other than Pony boy Darry, Soda Pop and Johnny
How much money did the boys pay to get into the movie? They didn't pay for the movie. They jumped the fence at the drive in.
How would one describe Two-Bit's personality? He shoplifted and carried a switch blade. Life was a big joke.
Why had Cherry and Marcia walked to the theater? They walked because they found out their boyfriends had booze.
What were the Greasers and the Socs? Greasers were poorer than the middle class. Socs were rich.
Who joined the four at the movies after Dally had left? Two-Bit
What type of work did Darry do to support his brothers? Roofer
Why did the Greasers treat Johnny Cade as their pet? Because his parents were so cruel to him.
What had Dally, Johnny,Two-Bit and Ponyboy planned for the following night? They planned to go to the Nightly Double (movie).
How did Dally embarrass two Soc girls at the theater? Dally was talking loud and dirty
What kind of student was Ponyboy? He was smart and made good grades.
Why didnt Dally return Johnny's criticism? Johnny was the gangs pet.
How old was Ponyboy Curtis? fourteen
Why did Ponyboy consider Soda his favorite older brother? Soda always made him laugh.He understood Ponyboy. Dally was always yelling.
What items of jewelry did the Soc leader like to wear and use as weapons? He would wear rings.
Why did the Curtis Brothers live alone? Their parents died in a auto accident.
Who was Timothy Shepard and why was he looking for Dally Winston? Timothy is a leader of another gang. Dally slashed his tires.
Why did Soda quit school and where did her work? He did not do well in school. He worked at a gas station.
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