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ad aquam to the water
aedificant build
amat walks
Amulius Amulius
aquam water
bene well
claudit locks up
créscunt grow up
curat takes care of, cares for
deus god
duos two
est is
et and
filios son
habet has
in aquam into the water
itaque and so
lupa she-wolf
Mãrs Mars, the got of war
Ponit puts
Remum Remus
Remus Remus
Rhea Silvia Rhea Silvia
Romam Rome
Romulus Romulus
vinculis with chains
agricola, agricolae, m. farmer
aqua, aquae f. water
athleta, athlatae m. athlete
lupa, lupae f. she-wolf
nauta, nautae m. sailor
poéta, poétae m. poet
puella, puellae f. girl
terra, terrae f. land
amat he/she/it loves (verb)
ambulat he/she/it walks (verb)
curat he/she/it takes care of, cares for (verb)
est he/she/it is (verb)
bene well (adverb
postea afterwards (adverb)
et and (conjunction)
itaque and so (conjunction)
Created by: jgiants44