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7th gr Sci

unit 1 Test: Lab Safety, The metric System, & PHEOCA

Broken glass must be thrown away in the red bucket. It cannot go in the regular trash can. true or false
Any violation of the safety rules that places you or tothers in danger will result in immediate removal from the classroom. true or false
you must get the teacher's permission before working in the lab. true or false
If your lab partner's sweatshirt catches on fire, wrap him in the fire blanket. true or false
Never taste anything used in the lab unless the teacher says you can. true or false
a liter is the basic unit of volume
meter is the basic unit of length
gram is the basic unit of mass
How many grams are in one kilogram 1000
How many grams are in one gram 1000
How many centigrams are in one gram 100
PHEOCA stand for problem, hypothesis, experiment, observation, conclusion, apply
The first step to the scietific method is to... What is the problem
Materials and procedures are placed in the______section of the PHEOCA lab report. experiment
Data tables and graphs are placed in the ______section of PHEOCA lab report. observation
Any experimat should have how many independent variables one
if the_____________________, then.... independent variable, dependent varialbe
all the things that stay the same during the experiment? controlled variable
the thing that is intentionally changed during the experiment independent variable
the thing that automatically changes in the experiment dependent variable
Created by: sagoracm