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Weather vocab

weather terms and definitions

Narrow bands of high-speed winds in the upper atmosphere. These winds are extremely important to pilots. Jet Stream
A system of many wind turbines, which work together to generate electricity. wind farm
Wind moves from an area of high pressure to areas of _______ pressure low
Air pressure ____________ as altitude increases decreases
The unit of measurement for air pressure is usually inches of _________ mercury
A device that can be used to measure wind speed. anemometer
The measurement of air pressure at sea level is called_________ air pressure. standard
A device that shows wind direction with an arrow. (2 words) wind vane
The difference in air________ between two areas can cause winds. pressure
A wind blowing from the east to the west is called an________wind. east
To predict winds, meteorologists use both the size of the pressure difference and the ____________ between the high-and low-pressure areas. distance
A wind blowing from the south to the north is call a ________wind. south
The movement of air from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure. wind
Doppler radar devices can give a reading of the____________winds from the ground to an altitude of ten miles. vertical
Because Earth___________, winds curve as they blow. spins
The instrument used to measure air pressure. barometer
Plans are __________to about 75% of the normal sea level air pressure. pressurized
When air in the atmosphere is cooled, air pressure____________. increases
If the arrow on a wind vane points north, the wind is moving____________. north
The weight of air of the atmosphere pressing down on Earth. (2 words) air pressure
Pressure is the ___________ of the air. weight
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