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Peds Exam I

Child Development

Gross motor reflexes of newborn Rooting, moro, startle, Babinski, uncoordinated limb movements
Newborn fine motor Hands predominately closed
Newborn social/language Attachment bond to parent. Must have needs met: fed, held, diaper change
Newborn safety concerns Nutrition: breast/bottle. Immunization, car seats rear facing and back seat, smoke detectors
3 months reflex/gross motor Primitive reflexes fading. Raises head when prone.
3 months fine motor Can hold object. Grasps hands
3 months social/language Squeals, babble, coos, laughs
5 months birth weight doubles and has what gross motor reflexes Can roll from abdm to back
5 months fine motor Grasps object purposefully
5 months social/language Coos, babbles, constant +, vowels sounds
5 months safety Same and possible introduction of solid food
6 months teething Can roll from back to abdm
6 months fine motor Holds bottle
6 months social/language Imitates sounds, object permanence beginning
7 months reflex/gross motor Sits leaning forward on hands
7 months fine motor Transfers objects from one hand to another
7 months social/language Mimics talking when others are talking. Stranger anxiety
9 months reflex/gross motor Sits steady unsupported. Pulls to stand
9 months fine motor Pincer grasp
9 months social/language Responds to simple commands. Understands No.
10 months reflex/gross motor Change from prone to sit
10 months social/language Words: Dada, Mama
12 months birth weight Triples
12 months reflex/gross motor Walks one hand held. May attempt stand alone
12 months fine motor Attempts to build 2 block towers
12 months social/language 3-5 more words
1 year physical milestone Toddling/walking/startling
1 year social Solitary play
1 year language/intellectual Points to picture in book with verbal cue
1 year Erickson's stage Trust vs. Mistrust
1 year safety Top heavy/drowning
15 mo physical milestone Walking
15 mo social Solitary/parallel play
15 mo Erickson's stage Trust vs. Mistrust
15 mo safety Ingestion/Lead posioning
2 years physical milestone Running, climbing stairs
2 years social Begins make believe play
2 years language/intellectual Speaks about 50 words. Links 2 words together
2 years Erickson's stage Autonomy vs. Shame
2 years safety Ingestion
3 years physical milestone Hopping, jumping, rides wheeled toy, toilet training
3 years social Emotionally attached to toys, magical thinking
3 years language/intellectual 250-500 words, uses, 3-4 word sentences, "why"
3 years Erickson's stages Initiative vs. Guilt
3 years safety Increased speed, increased physical injury
4 years physical milestone Stands 1 foot for 5 seconds, throws ball overhand
4 years social Cooperative play, may have best friend
4 years language/intellectual Answers simple questions
4 years Erickson's stage Initiative vs. Guilt
5 years physical milestone Stand on 1 foot 10 sec, hops, swings, somersaults
5 years social Complex imaginary play, believes rules can be changed
5 years language/intellectual Understands rhyming, states full name and address
5 years Erickson's stage Initiative vs. Guilt
5 years safety Increased time away from home
6-10 years social Identifies more with peers, plays board games, 7-8 strict adherence to rules, 9-10 rules can be negotiated
6-10 years language/intellectual Still wants to please adults
6-10 years Erickson's stage Industry vs. Inferiority
6-10 years safety Peer pressure
10-12 years physical milestone Puberty
10-12 years social Can recognize and understand other's views
10-12 years language/intellectual Starting to distance from parents
10-12 years Erickson's stage Industry vs. Inferiority
10-12 years safety Peer pressure, sexual intercourse
12-15 years physical milestone Puberty, girls first, menses start
12-15 years social Self conscious about physical appearance, early/late development
12-15 years language/intellectual Increased independence from parents may cause challenges in home
12-15 years Erikson's stage Identity vs. Role confusion
12-15 years safety Sexual intercourse, recreational drugs
16-18 years physical milestone Boys catching up to girls in height and development
16-18 years social May become sexually active
16-18 years language/intellectual Able to understand consequences of reckless behavior but does not believe it will happen to them. Struggles with independent identity including minority, bi, racial, adopted child, sexual orientation, etc.
16-18 years Erikson's stage Identity vs. Role Confusion
16-18 years safety Increasing demand from school and planning for future. Sexual intercourse, recreational drugs.
Created by: choel