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Vocabulary 12 13 14

federal system the sharing of power in which powers divide btwn the federal, or national, government and the states
reserved powers powers that the constitution does not give to the national government that are kept by the states
concurrent powers powers shared by state and federal governments
grants in aid money awarded to the states by the federal government
unicarmeral one house legislature
appportion divided among districts
line item veto to veto only a specific part of a bill
commute to reduce a criminals sentence
parole to grant a prisoner an early release for prisoners, with certain restrictions
justice of the peace the judge of a small court
misdemeanor a relative minor offence such as vandalism or stealing inexpensive items
magistrate court police courts generally located in large towns may handle traffic violatin or small amounts of money
plaintiff a person or part filling a lawsuit
defendent an individial or a group being suide
felony a serious crime such as murder rape
incorporate to receive a state charter officially reconizing the goverment of a locality
city charter a document granted power to a local goverment
home rule allow cities to write their own charter choose their own type of government and manage their own affair
ordinance a law usaully of a city or country
strong mayor system a type of government usally in large cities under which the mayor has strong executive power
weak mayor system a type of governt under which the mayor unlimited executive powers
at large election a election for an area as a whole; for exsample, state wide
special district a unit of government that deals with a specific function such as educate
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