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Southmoore-Green Book Unit 1G

mensis mensis month M.
munus muneris duty, gift, service N.
nemo X no one
numerus numeri number M.
pes pedis foot M.
tempus temporis time N.
vestis vestis clothing, garmet F.
celer, celeris, celere x swift
similis, simile x like, similiar to
verus, a, um x true, real
cado, cadere, cecidi, casurus to fall
curro, currere cucurri, cursurus to run
expello, expellere expuli, expulsus to drive out
ludo, ludere lusi, lusus to play
ostendo, ostendere ostendi, ostentus to show
possum, posse potui to be able
propero, -are -avi, -atus to hurry, hasten
rapio, rapere rapui, raptus to take
specto, -are -avi, -atus to look at
semper x always
domus domus house F.
exercitus exercitus army M.
frons frontis front, forehead F.
impetus impetus attack M.
lux lucis light F.
manus manus hand F.
negotium negotii business N.
princeps principis chieftain, leader M.
ratio rationis reason F.
res rei thing F.
senatus senatus senate M.
species speciei appearance F.
spes spei hope F.
ascendo, ascendere ascendi, ascensus to climb, ascend
materia materiae matter, timber F.
Created by: southmoore