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Geo Test 1

A person who mines for gold is called a _____. sourdough
High power water slammed against a rock structure for gold? hydrolic mining
How much was Alaska? $7,200,000
Earliest explorer to see and claim Alaska for the nation from which he was sent exploring? Vitus Barren
US rep who purchases Alaska from a foreign land William Seward
newly planned capital city of Alaska Willow
Alaska's different capitals over the years Sitka-Seward-Juneau
Present day capital of Alaska was named after this man who practiced mining in that region Joe Juneau
windiest place on Earth in NH (231 mph) and highest mountain in New England Mt. Washington
Dinali is the highest mountain on this mountain in Alaska Mt. McKinley
Alaska's southern-est region? Panhandle of Alaska
Climates of Alaska tundra-subartic-marine west coast
climate of NE States humid continental-warm to cool summer
a spongy and marshy soil with moss and lichens growing on it (northern most soil) permafrost soil
a soil that develops in temperate to cold moist climates under coniferous or heath vegetation podsol soil
all of NE used to be covered in ___. glaciers
the only main form of transportation in Alaska is the ____ ____. Alcan Highway
the Alcan Hwy travels from: Seward-Anchorage-Fairbanks
___% of Americans live in cities 85%
The White Mtns are in the state of ___. New Hampshire
The Brookshire Mtns are in the state of ___. Massachussetts
The Green Mtns are in the state of ___. Vermont
The Longfellow Mtns are in the state of ___. Maine
The Merrimack River is the center of the ____ industry in NE. textile
The state covered in 90% forrest is the Pine Tree state of ___. Maine
The most important natural resource in NE is ____. steal
Kodiak Island is important because it is a ___ ___ for fish, fur, and lumber. trading post
The ___ ___ is the home of the Alaskan Fur Seal, it is a small cluster of islands found to the west of the mainland of Alaska. Pribilof Islands
The Aluetian Islands have ___ volcanoes known as the ___ ___ of ___. 50-Pacific Ring of Fire.
In the middle of the Bering Strait, there are 2 islands which are Eskimo homes and radar bases called ___. Big and Little Diomedede Island
Washington DC is known as the ___ of ____. head of navigation
population of the US in 2003 294,043,000
first name of New Amsterdam New York City
president Lincolns Secretary of State that bought Alaska William Seward
known for large cabbages and vegetables, south of Alaskan range Matanuska Valley
the trans-Alaskan pipeline extends from these 2 cities Pradhoe Bay-Valdez
Haines animal of interest bald eagle
product of marshes of Cape Cod cranberries
product of coast of Maine blueberries and lobsters
this states has maple sugar-sugar beets and sugar cane (__%) Vermont-25%
states with highest per capita income Connecticut
the cold labrador ocean current and plankton is off the coast of this state? Maine
300 mile shallow spot off Boston for fishing-bank fishing George's Banks
Most sought after fish at the Grand Banks for food and liver oil for children Fool Fish/Cod
dominant shell fish off the coast of Maine lobster
Aroostook County Product potatoes
Washington County Maine Product blueberries
Connecticut River Valley Products tobacco and dairying
Alaksa's main natural resource that brought many to the state? black gold
4 mountain ranges in Alaska Coastal Range, Aleutian Range, Alaska Range and Brooks Range
3 Regions in Alaska Southern Alaska and the Panhandle, Alaska Central Plateau, and North Slope/Artic Slope
3 Climates in Alaska Marine West Coast, Subartic, Tundra
Northern most city in Alaksa Point Barrow
Eskimo cities in Alaska Bethel, Point Hope, Point Barrow
Pine Tree State Maine
Granite State New Hampshire
Green Mtn State Vermont
Old Colony State Massachussetts
Ocean State Rhode Island
Constitution State of Gadget State Connecticut
Alaska is called a ____ because it doesn't touch the US exclave
the name Alaska means: Big Land
Alaska's nickname? "Americas Last Frontier"
Alaska calls its cities what? burroughs
Alaska's population: 725,000
Alaska's state flower: Forget-me-not
state bird of Alaska: Willow Ptarmigan
Inuits use this bird to make icecream in Alaska: Dove Key
Alaska has these 4 animals: seals, walrus, polar bears, and muskox
__% of Alaska is Native Americans 15%
2 major eskimo tribes: Yupik and Inuits
how many eskimos live in Alaska? 48,000
3 leading tribes of AmerIndians: Haida, Tlingit, and Athabask
the word eskimo means: "eaters of raw meat"
what is muktuck? raw whale blubber
what year was Alaska made a state? oct 18 1867
On Jan 1, this pays you to live in Alaska: Primitive Fund
rainiest place in Alaska Kitchikan
Kitchikan is the ___ and ___ capital of Alaska samon and lumbering
last virgin forrest Tongess National Forrest
Alaska trees: Douglas Fur, Hemlock, Sitka Spruce, and Blue Spruce
___ of all people in Alaska live in Anchoridge 1/2
army base in Alaska shapped like a donut with airforce in the middle for protection lake hood
most technological cities Tulsa, Omaha, and Akron
largest mountain range in Alaska Alaska Range
2 types of glaciers in Alaska piedmont and alpine
glacier that goes down the mountain and into the ocean piedmont
a chunk of ice in the ocean is called a: iceberg
__% of VA is piedmont 41%
glacier that goes down a mountain and turns into a lake alpine glacier
a lake made from a glaicer is called a: tarn
the end of a glacier is called a: lip
a chunk of glacier that breaks off and falls into the ocean calving
all the soil picked up on the bottom of the glacier is called: glacial till/drift
layers of glaciers: top, middle, bottom supra glacial debris (top), englacial debris (middle), subglacial debris (bottom)
things people come to Alaska for? gold and minerals
gold mining cities in Alaska Fairbanks, Juneau, and Nome
first religion in Alaska Russian Orthodox
city eagles fly to in Alaska Haines
37 cruise lines go to this city in Alaska Skagway
activity done on Cooks Inlet clamming
planes in Alaska are called? bush planes
Alaska is __ in farming but __ in fishing. 50th, 1st
crops gown in cool-cold weather hardy crops
__ month harvest in Alaska 2
#1 farm type and #1 crop in Alaska dairying and potatoes
coldest place in Alaska Prospect Creek
3rd longest river Yukon
Brooks Range in Alaska is lacking: trees
only city in America allowed to kill whales Point Barrow
gem stone of Alaska Jade
___ of all oil in America comes from Alaska 1/4
biggest military city in Alaska Kodiak
biggest carnivor in N. America Kodiak Bear
Pribilof Island is famous for this bird: Puffon Bird
___% of all govt revenue come from Alaska 85%
___% of Maine is covered in trees 90%
full name of Rhode Island Rhode Island and the Providence Plantation
people who come to NE to look at leaves leaf peepers
people from NE who go South for the winter to warm areas Snow Birds
____ wrote the first constitution after breaking away from Britain Connecticut
oldest newspaper in America The Hartford Courant
the idea of mass production of items on a line in a factory started in factories developed in ____. Connecticut
2 big naval and shipbuilding centers in Conn.: Groton and New London
built the first Baptist Church and founded Rhode Island Roger Williams
___ of the lace supply for America used to be manufactured in Rhode Island 1/2
no counties in Rhode Island, they call their political subdivisions ___. There are ___. municipalities, 39
center of Food Fish production George's Bank
fish caught on George's Bank haddock, halibut, and flounder
___ and ____ are harvested along the Maine and NH coastlines clams and lobsters
___ is caught off the Grand Banks where it is shallow and loaded with Plankton Cod
___ in Massachusetts used to be the leading whaling center of the USA before whaling was banned New Bedford, Mass.
the upstate citizens refer to citizens who come from the coastal flat regions of NE to travel to the mountains ___. flatlanders
___ is the most rural state in the USA with __ out of __ citizens living in the rural countryside Vermont, 2 out of 3
in Vermont, they domesticated the first native ___ for farmwork because of its large size. It was called the ___. horse, Morgan
___ ___ is geographically known as the "___ ___" of America because of the White Mountains New Hampshire, "Little Switzerland"
___ ___ was the first state to grow ___, but the soil mixture was better in Maine so it was abandoned as a crop there and cultivation began across the Aroostook Valley New Hampshire, potatoes
Natural Resources of NE: Mica, Cobalt, and Manganese
__% of all land in Alaska is covered in glaciers 5%
main eskimo in Alaska Inuit
New England States= all land in ____ Nebraska
NE population 13 1/2 million
capital of insurances Hartward, Connec.
first to see Block Island Giovanna Verrazon
Maines quarter App. Mountains
___ lighthouses on coast of Maine 62
___ mile coastline in Maine 228 miles
first industry in Kittary Maine: shipbuilding
in Connect and RI, you eat ___ on Thanksgiving duck
an animal found all over the world is called: ubicuous
city in Maine for outdoor stuff? Freeport, Maine
Rivers in Maine: St. Johns, Kennebic, Anderscoggin, and Penabascot
leading textile industry on the Merrimack River
only ___% of all clothes are made in NE states 10%
animal found in Maine moose
biggest source of living in NE states because soil is so bad ocean
__% of all lobsters are harvested along the coast of Maine 90%
most important city in NE Boston, Mass
____, ____, and ____ came from Maine scallops, flounder, and herring
4 leading fish places in NE Gloster, Mass., Portland, Maine, Portsmouth, NH, and Boston, Mass.
___% of all potatoes are grown in Aroostook County 25%
2nd best place to farm in NE Aroostook Valley
__% of all blueberries are grown along the coast of Maine 98%
Maine has ___ bridges 109
this place created tomestones Barre, Vermont
3 biggest industries in Vermont granite/marble, wood processing, an IBM
__% of all maple sugar and syrup comes from Vermont 25%
river that seperates Vermont from NH Connect. River
the "____ ___" mtn in NH used to be America's leading attraction until it rained 10 days straight and it slid off "Old Man" mtn
you can take a train to the top of Mt. Washington on a 1 track called a: cog railroad
biggest pumpkin place in the US Keen, NH
oldest college in Masss. Harvard
NE lacks: natural resources
NH has the biggest: legislature
biggest tourist attraction in NH= Cape Cod
___% of all cranberries grown on marshes in Cape Cod 60%
___ of all clothes are made in NYC in ___ 1/3, lofts
cobbler industry in: Manchester, NH and Brockton, Mass
3 story barn in NE on the side of a mountain bank barn
1st floor= ____, 2nd floor= ____, 3rd floor= ____ BANK BARN livestock, tracktor storage, fodder stock
we live in a megalopolis
when city limits start and stop at the time, this is called a
95 highway bushwash
Boston to Norfolk busnor
bringing in raw materials and turning them into something entrepot
5 subdivisions in NY called burroughs
Staton Island name changing to Richmond
biggest problem in the Mid Atlantic lack of housing
Delmarva is big on crabbing and oystering
Midatlantic is big on farming
raising vegatables to be sold in the city truck farming
horses that swim ashore after Spanish and Portuguese ships sank bank ponies
worlds most industrialized fish menhaden fish
4 main places of midatlantic Urrituck, Abermarble, Pamilico, Reedvile
piscaculture is practiced on this island on the Chesapeake Bay Tangier Island
Tangier=center for soft shell crabs
most important city around Chesapeake Bay and Maryland Baltimore
#1 grain exporting city in America Baltimore
Baltimore builds ships
worlds largest steel corp Sparrows Point
these 2 products make steel limestone and iron ore
we are depleted of this iron ore
this country has iron ore in ____ ____ ____ Venezuela, Cerrio Bellivar Mtn
we sell them ____, they sell us iron ore cole
Cuidad Bellivar is the ____ center of SH steel
he created DC Pierre D'Enfant
only city not in a state DC
streets of DC numbers and states
# of parks in DC 300
good to build a city in these 2 places for transportation Potomac River and Anacostia River
farthest up a river you can sail but you must stop because of rapids head of navigation
waterfall in VA Great Falls
Maryland controls the ____ River so we have to buy water from them Potomac
new mayor of DC Vincent Gray
# of museums in DC 43
# of colleges in DC 40
Lincoln's statue is melting because of pollution
# of pillars around Lincoln Memorial 29
highest hill in DC Capital Hill
# of rooms in the White House 132
nothing can be taller then the ___ of ____ on top of the capital building Statue of Freedom
the statue of freedom is a replica of this person Pocahontas
this place has plants from all over the world US Botanic Garden
this place has a copy of every book in the world Library of Congress
this person created the Smithsonian John Smithson
a 3rd of this monument was finished when they ran out of money and had to campaign Washington Monument
# of rooms in the capital building 500
4 buildings on Capital Hill US Botanical Garden, Library of Congress, Capital, and Supreme Court
# of Smithsonians 19
5th biggest Catholic Church in the world Church of Emaculate Conception
people go to see the ___ ___ in the ceiling at the Church of Emacualte Conception Christ mosaic
Russian and Canada have __ embassies in DC 3
Garden State= New Jersey
big tourist attraction in NJ Cape May
NJ call the beach the ____. shore
empty middle section of NJ Pine Barrens
all of NY's food comes from NJ
tourist go to ___ ___ in NJ Atlantic City
NJ has long skinny cities called ___ ___ ___ (vs circular cities) show string cities
the keystone state Pennsylvania
most of Pennsylvania's houses are made of polished stone
the very last stone at the middle of the bridge keystone
the keystone supports pressure
chemical capital of the US Wilmington, Delaware
Chemical Capital of Ohio River Valley Cincinnati, Ohio
1st city to have a baseball team Cincinnati, Ohio
1st baseball team Red Stockings
founded Pennsylvania William Penn
Pennsylvania was the first to have freedom of religion
in the Ben Franklin museum, everything is interactive
3 products of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania plait glass, clay, and chemicals
contractors try not to use this brown coal liginite coal
#1 coal state West VA
crushed together grass and leaves used to make coal piedmont
West VA has
3 types of coal brown coal, soft coal, and hard coal
Bituminmous makes these 2 things electricity and steal
Bituminmous is what type of coal soft coal
this is the most expensive and oldest coal in ____ Pennsylvania anthracite, Scraton Penns
pure iron ore in Minnesota taconite
all the steal from 911 made this USS NY ship
__% of all books are published in ___ ____ NY 40%, Midtown Manhatten
___ of all clothes are made on ___ ___ 1/3, 7th Avenue
entertainment capital of the world Times Square
__% of all Washingtonians are African Americans 70%
on the
NY is 2nd to Wisconsin in dairying
NY is 2nd in vivaculture
viviculture is vineyards
over __% of all farming activities of Alaska are found in the ___ Valley just 20 miles north of Anchorage Matanuska Valley
Crops grown in the Matanuksa Valley are called ____ and can grow in cool to cold weather Hardy Crops
leading crop in the Matanuska Valley potatoes
crops that grow underground in Alaska root crops
waterbody which is 56 miles wide separating Russia from Alaska. Bering Strait
economically signficant of Kodiak Island trading post
ethnic name for native American eskimos inuits
Alaksan city known for its military base and for being the "hub" of polar air flights Anchorage
this highway in Alaska extends from America to Fairbanks Alcan Highway
home of the Alaskan Fur Seal Pribilof Islands
Alaska's largest industry fishing
asian country in which much of the Alaskan fish and usable lumber supply is exported Japan
large useless and stunted forest which covers the Alaska Central Plateu Great Coniferous
2 most used tress for paper, furniture, etc Douglas Fur and Hemlock
home of Alaska's Lumbering and center of fishing Kitchikan
the rail line in Alaska connects these 3 cities Seward, Fairbanks and Anchorage
largest national forest in southeast Alaska that Bush is thinking about opening up to timber lodging Tongas
largest Alaskan eskimo community Bethel
the ___ islands were the early settlement area of Native American fisherman and DEW line radar stations Aleutian islands
_% of Alaska is covered in ice 5%
__% of America's total oil production comes from Alaksa 28%
___% of Alaksa's total revenue from black gold to run the workings of the Alaska state govt comes from oil and natural gas found in the state 85%
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