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SS chap 2 sec 1-2

vocab review

The Arctic is a very cold, ice covered __________. region
Poverty, unemployment, and war often cause people to __________. migrate
Gerardus Mercator was a famous __________. cartographer
Pollution is a negative effect of __________. human-environment interaction
A political map is one kind of __________. thematic map
Exact spot on Earth where a place can be found. absolute location
A measure of the distance north and south of the equator. latitude
A measure of distance east and west of the prime meridian. longitude
Location of one place in relation to others. relative location
Group of places with physical or human features or both in common. region
To move from one area and settle in another. migrate
How humans adapt to, depend on, or modify their world. human-environmental interaction
Mapmaker cartographer
Different ways of showing Earth's curved surface on a flat map map projection
A map that focuses on one theme. thematic map
One of the ten natural regions of the world. tundra
The __________ of the United States is north of Mexico and south of Canada. relative location
The movement of people from farms to cities is an example of __________. migration
Many places on Earth have __________, such as cities and towns, as well as physical features. human characteristics
Pollution is an example of harmful __________. human-environment interaction
Poverty, overcrowding, employment and education opportunities are some of the __________ that lead people to migrate. push and pull factors
Building homes with local materials is an example of human __________ to the environment. adaptation
Grouping places into __________ makes it easier to compare them. regions
The __________ of the city of Melbourne is 38 degrees south latitude, 145 degrees east longitude. absolute location
Mountain ranges, canyons, and raging rivers are examples of __________ to movement. natural barriers
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