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ch9 cat vocab

Chapter 9 Cat Breed Identification and Production Management

ad lib giving something, such as food or water as much as necessary, or so that it is available at all times
anesthesia chamber glass or plastic aquarium like equipment with a lid and opening that attach to the anesthesia machine to sedate cats or small animals
calicivirus highly contagious virus that affects the upper respiratory system of cats and may cause a head tilt
carrier box like object that safetly holds a cat for transport, also a cat with a disease that spread the disease but shows no signs of infection
cat bag restraint equipment that holds the body and limbs of a cat and controls for certain procedures
Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) cat breed registry association that promotes the health and responsible breeding of purebred cats
cat muzzle restraint equipment placed over the face and mouth of a cat to prevent biting
declaw the surgical removal of the digits or claws on the feet of a cat
defensive aggression natural behavior that occurs when a cat is attempting to protect itself from people or other animals
dilated the occurence of widening or opening, such as the pupils
domestics cats with unknown parentage that are of two or more breeds and not registered
feline distemper virus called panleukopenia that causes a decreased white blood cell count in cats
feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) commonly called feline aids, fatal virus that attacks the immune system of cats
feline infectiosu peritonitis (FIP) fatal virus of cats that has a dry and wet form that affects the lungs and chest cavity
feline leukemia fatal virus in cats that affects the white blood cells and immune system
Felis catus genus and species of the domestic cat
FeLV feline leukemia virus
feral cat that is wild with a domesticated appearance
FVRCP feline vaccine combination series, also known as feline distemper series, abbreviation for Feline Viral rhinotracheitis, calicvirus , and panleukopenia
hairballs large amounts of hair that collect in the digestive system of cats due to excessive grooming
induced ovulators female cats that become pregnant after breedin with a male as the release of the egg occurs at the time of mating
intermale aggression behavior tendency that is common in adult male cats due to sexual dominance of social ranking
kitty taco restraint procedure of wrapping a cat in a towel to restrain it
litter box equipment filled with pebble like material and used by a cat to eliminate in
litter trained process of teaching cats to eliminate in a specific area of the house
long hair hair coat that is long and requires regular brushing and grooming
lordosis prayer position of female cats that are in heat, lower the front of their body and raise the read of the body
onychetomy veterinary term for the surgical procedure of declawing
orchiectomy veterinary term for the removal of the testicles
panleukopenia commonly called feline distemper, systemic viral disease that causes decreased white blood cell count in cats
pneumonia lung infection
polydactly having many or multiple toes or digits
redirected aggression aggressive behavior toward another animal that did not provoke it but caused it become upset
retractable capable of pulling inward and projecting outward, as in the nail of the cat
rhinotracheitis viral disease that affects the upper respiratory system of cats
scruff the loose skin over the base of the neck of a cat that is sometimes used to restraint the cat
shorthair hair coat that is smooth in cats
SNAP test simple blood test completed in a clinic that tests for certain disease antigens in the bloodstream
squeeze chute wire cage that is used to control a cat by sliding the sides closed for such procedures as exams and injections
stretch technique restraint procedure by holding the loose skin of the neck with one hand and pulling the rear limbs backwards with the other
taurine nutrient required by cats for allowing proper development
thiamine nutrient compound of vitamin B that promotes a healthy coat
tissue adhesive glue like substance that is used to close incisions
toxoplasmosis protozoan parasite passed in cat feces that may cause abortion in pregnant females
waterless shampoo product applied to the hair coat that does not required rinsing with water and cleanses the coat
welding gloves heavy layers of leather placed over the hands to restrain cats and small animals
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