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BC3 - Maternity - Prenatal Care

When should mother start prenatal care before she even gets pregnant - diet, vitamins, exercising
When is the first prenatal visit usually after the 2nd missed menstrual period (approximately 10th week of preg)
Schedule of office visits if no complications Q4 weeks thru week 28; Q2 weeks thru week 36; Q week from week 37 thru baby's birth
Education / Teaching of prenatal information Office should send out packet in the mail
What occurs at the first office visit THOROUGH health history is done - best if by a nurse; Weight/BP, pelvic exam, and lab work
If mother is under the age of 16 low birth weight is the most serious consideration
If mother is over 35 mom is at increased risk of PIH, congenital anomalies and chromosomal problems
If mom is over 200lbs increased risk for PIH and CPD
Smoking over 1 pack a day could lead to increased IUGR and preterm labor
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome mental retardation, LBW, small heads
What blood work is done at first visit Serology, Type & Rh, CBC w/ diff, Rubella titre, HIV
Why is urine checked at each visit checked for glusose & albumin b/c of PIH or pre-eclampsia
Created by: okrecota