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World History; WT

largest body of salt water on earth: surrounding a continent ocean
percentage of the earth covered by this large salt water body 70%
Name the four major oceans Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, and Indian
the largest ocean in the world Pacific
second to largest body of salt water. often connected to an ocean sea
sea between Europe and Asia Mediterranean Sea
sea between Egypt and Saudi Arabia Red Sea
sea north of France [Europe] North Sea
sea north of Turkey [Asia] Black Sea
sea east of the Black Sea Caspian Sea
sea north of Poland [Europe] Baltic Sea
sea east of Greece [Europe] Aegean Sea
sea located south of Saudi Arabia Arabian Sea
salt water body, smaller than a sea gulf
famous gulf located in Louisiana Gulf of Mexico
famous gulf located east of Saudi Arabia Persian Gulf
usually smaller than a gulf; partly surrounded by water bay
bay located north of Canada Hudson Bay
bay located east of India Bay of Bengal
a man-made waterway used for irrigation, transportation, drainage, or sewage canal
Name some canals in or near Franklin Franklin Canal, Hanson Canal, Yokley Canal, Baldwin Canal, Calumet Canal, and Inaracostal Canal
a natural deeper part of a waterway Channel
famous channel between Great Britain and France English Channel
body of water surrounded by land lake
name of famous lakes between U.S. and Canada Great Lakes
Name all five Great Lakes Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario
place in a desert where water is found oasis
inland body of water usually empties into a sea or ocean river
the largest river in the United States Mississippi River
second to largest river in the world; located in South America Amazon River
largest river in the world; located in Africa Nile River
name for the place where a river begins source
name for the place where a river ends mouth
direction one is traveling on a river where going from the source to the mouth downstream
direction one is traveling on a river where going from the mouth to the source upstream
name for a smaller river flowing into a larger river tributary
another term for tributary branch
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