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Molecules 2 or more atoms boned together EX: H2O
Compounds Pure substances containing identical molecules
Carbohydrates Sugars,the body's first choice of energy. Reacts with oxygen and releases energy.
Lipids Nutrients that don't dissolve in water, refered to as fats and oils
Proteins Made from building blocks called amino acids. Temp. effects shape-shape effects function
Nucleic acids Molecules that carry info used to make proteins
Solutions A mixture that contains 1 or more chemicals that have been dissolved
Solvent Dissolves other chemicals EX: water dissolves salt
Solute The material that gets dissolved
Hypertonic Higher concentration of solutes
Hypotonic Lower concentration of solutes
Isotonic Same concentration, different "stuff"
PH A way of measuring the concentration of hydrogen
Acids 0-6 on the PH scale
Bases 8-14 on the PH scale
Cell Basic unit of structure and function found in all living things
Cell Membrane Barrier between fluid inside and fluid outside the cell
Receptors Allow cell to recieve messages, Binding site for chemical messages
Pores/Channels Passageway across the membrane, they can be controlled(opened and closed)
Carriers Proteins used to move things into the cell, they change shape
Cytoplasm The liquid between the cell membrane and the organelles (cell fluid)
Osmosis The movement of water from low concentration the high concentration across a semi-permeable membrane
Na+/K+ pumps Pumps K+ into the cell and pumps Na+ out of the cell
Endocytosis Moves things into the cell and packages them
Pinocytosis Takes in liquid
Phagocytosis Takes in a solid
Exocytosis Moving a vesicle outside the cell
Differentation When a stem cell changes into a specialized cell
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