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EC Latin Prefixes

a, abs from
ac, ad, af, ag, al, an, ap, as, at to, from
alti, alto high
ambi both
ante before
api bee
aqui water
arbori tree
audio hearing
avi bird
bacci berry
brevi short
calci lime
centi hundred
cerebro brain
cervico neck
circum around
cirro curl
cis near
co, col, com, con, cor with, thorough
contra against
costo rib
cruci cross
cupro copper, bronze
de not, down
deci tenth
demi half
denti tooth
di(s) apart
digit(i) finger
dorsi, dorso back (of body)
e, ec, ef out
equi equal
ex out
extra outside, external
febri fever
ferri, ferro iron
fissi split
fluvio river
gemmi bud
igni fire
il, im, in not, against, in, into, on
inguinio groin
inter between
intra, intro inside, interior
ir not, against, in, into, on
juxta close, near, beside
labio lip
lacto milk
ligni wood
luni moon
magni great
mal bad, evil
multi many
naso nose
nati birth
nocti night
ob, oc against
octa, octo eight
oculo eye
of, op against
oleo oil
omni all
oro mouth
ossi bone
ovi, ovo egg
pari equal
per through, very
pinni fin, web
pisci fish
plano flat
plumbo lead (metal)
pluvio rain
post after
pre before
preter beyond
primi first
pro for, forward
pulmo lung
quadri four
quinque five
re again
recti straight
reni kidney
retro backward
sangui blood
sebi, sebo fatty
septi seven
somni sleep
stelli star
su(b,c,f,m,p) under
super, supra above
terri land, earth
trans through, on the far side of
ultra beyond
uni one, single
vario different
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