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the canterbury tales


A perfect and genteel man who loved truth, freedom, chivalry and honor. The most socially prominent person on the journey; the battles he fought were all religious wars of some nature. The Knight
A candidate for knighthood; a lover who can sing lusty songs, compose melodies, poetry The Squire
He dresses in green; an expert woodsman, an excellent shot with the bow/ arrow. The Yeoman
I care a lot about my appearance. I like to wear pretty things, speak French, and I enjoy good manners. I try to hide my humble background by acting much more elegant and refined than necessary. The Nun / Prioress
A lover of hunting, fine foods; bald headed, ugly, fat; dressed in fine clothes. Favorite food was a roasted swan. No other monk is more worldly than he is. Everything that the monk does is a violation of his monastic orders. His love of the worldly goods The Monk
Hubert --a wanton and merry man who had helped many girls get married. Knowing the taverns and inns better than the leper houses. Always able to get money from people (through every vicious and immoral method). The best of his type--scoundrel The Friar
A rich and powerful rising middle class; shrewd; knew how to bargain; well-dressed. No one would tell he was deeply in debt. The Merchant
He prefers learning to anything else-even to food and comfort. Because he does not take care of himself, he is very skinny-even is horse is thin. His clothes are tattered and worn. He is quiet; a real scholar. Oxford Cleric
Is an able attorney; makes people think that he is busier and wiser than he really is. Sergeant of Law
A large landowner with wealth, but not of noble birth. Red face and white beard; enjoys good living; generally liked by the other pilgrims. Franklin
We, as a group, represent the merchant class. We do not have the very best, but we have the best we can afford, and our wives make sure of it. Guildsmen
A huge man, uncouth; a master of vessel and knew all the ports; he is like a fish out of water as he sat on his horse. Skippe
He knows astronomy (astrology) and something of nature; but nothing of the Bible. Made a lot of money during the plague; love gold Doctor
·I have been married five times, have traveled on pilgrimages all around the world, have gained a reputation for having solutions to “love’s mischances”, and am recognized as being an important woman in my community. Wife of Bath
I am a country priest who believes that it is important to live the life I preach so my parishioners will have a good model of Christian virtues. Parson
A small tenant farmer, but the ideal Christian man; honest with neighbors; paid his tithes Plowman
A big brawny man to outwrestle any man. Red beard, a wart on his nose. Play the bagpipes as the pilgrims left the town. (He tells a dirty story about a carpenter John.) Miller
He is ugly: fire-red complexion, pimples and boils, a scaly infection around the eyebrows, and a moth-eaten beard; loves garlic, onions, leeks, and strong wine; speaking Latin to show off. His physical appearance fits his profession well Summoner
Some people cannot tell if I am male or female, give that I have long hair and a high voice. My job, as I see it, is to scam as much money out of people as possible selling fake relics and indulgences for their sins. Pardoner
Harry Bailey; a merry man suggests that, to tell stories to shorten the long journey--two tales on the way to Canterbury and two more tales on the way back. The Host
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