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chinese simplified

yu 3 to get along with, to take part in, with
chou3 ugly, unsightly
diu 1 lose
严惩 yan2 cheng2 punish severely
严重 yan2 zhong4 serious, grave, critical
feng1 abundant, rich
主动 zhu3 dong4 resist
ju3 raise, hold up
举行 ju3 xing2 take place, hold, stage
hu1 …………………….
乐观 le4 guan1 optimistic
乖乖 guai1 guai1 darling, dear
cheng2 ride, mount, take advantage
乡村 xiang1 cun1 villa, countryside, rural areas
ru3 breast milk
亏…钱 kui1…..qian lose money, have a deficit
wang2 flee, run away,
交付 jiao1 fu4 pay
交付现钱 jia1fu xian qian payment in cash
交往 jiao1wang3 relationship
交通 jiao1 tong1 traffic
chan3 give a birth, be delivered, product, producing
享乐 xiang3 le4 lead a life of pleasure,
享 乐 主 义 xiang3 le4 edonism
享受 xiang3 shou4 enjoy
仇人 chou2 ren2 personal enemy
仇恨 chou2 hen4 enmity, hostility
介意 jie4 yi4 take offense, mind, get annoyed
介绍 jie4 shao4 introduce, present
以为……原来 I tought……….. and it's turn on
jie4 check up, inspect, examine
任何 ren4 he2 any, whichever, whatever
shang1 wound, injury
伪君子 wei3 jun1 zi3 hypocrite
di1 low, hang down
体察 ti3 cha2 exp. And observe
虚 心 体 察 情 况 not be prejudiced in sizing up a situation (blank)
jia1 good, fine, beautiful
依傍 yi1 bang4 rely on, depend on
便宜 pian2 yi2 cheap, inexpensive
保护 bao3 hu4 protect, safeguard
修理 xiu1 li3 repair, mend, fix
情绪 qing2 xu4 mood
jia3 false, fake, phoney
偏差 pian1 cha1 离 开 确 定 方
角 度 jiao3 du4 a point of view
偏见 pian1 jian4 prejudice, preconception, partial opinion
健康 jian4 kang1 in good health, fit
tou1 steal, pilfer
bang4 draw near, be close to
zhao4 sign, omen, portent
guang1 1) used up, nothing left 2)light, bright, glory
公平 gong1 ping2 fair, just, impartial
兴趣 xing4 qu4 interest, taste
ju4 utensil
dian3 standard, law, canon
典型 dian3 xing2 typical case
养活 yang3 huo support for one life, feed
mao4 emit, send out, give off
军队 jun1 dui4 armed force, army, troops
冰箱 bing1 xiang1 icebox, refrigerator, freezer
决定 jue2 ding4 decide, resolve, make up
jing4 clean
用净 yong4 jing4 used up
准时 zhun3 shi2 punctual, on time, on schedule
减少 jian3 shao3 reduce, decrease, cut down
几乎 ji1 hu1 nearly, almost, practically
fan2 commonplace, ordinary
ping2 certification, evidence, proof
涵养 han2 yang3 ability to control onself
ze2 standard, norm, criterion
利害 li4 hai4 1)terrible formidable, 2)advantage/disadvantage
利用 li4 yong4 use, utilize, make use of it
制定 zhi4 ding4 set up, establish
sheng4 surplus, remnant
quan4 advise, try to persuade
劝架 quan4 jia1 try to stop people to fighting each others others
功夫 gong1 fu1 kung fu
jia1 add, plus
助理 zhu4 li3 assistant
勇敢 yong3 gan3 brave, courageous
包括 bao1 kuo4 included, embrace
qu1 area, district, region
sheng1 rise, go up,
wei4 defend, guard, protect
印象 yin4 xiang4 impression
危险 wei1 xian3 dangerous, perilous
que4 step back, fall back, retreat
chang3 factory, mill, plant
ting1 hall
会 议 厅 音乐厅 conference hall, concert hall (blank)
li4 go trough, undergo
li4 strict, rigorous
原谅 yuan2 liang4 forgive
厨房 chu2 fang2 kitchen
参观 can1 guan1 visit, look around
qu3 take fetch, get
取消 qu3 xiao1 cancel, call of, abolish
伺机 si1 ji1 driver
计 程 si1 ji1 taxi)
同样 tong2 yang4 same, in the same way
君子 jun1 zi3 a man of noble character, gentleman
Created by: alexyzel