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EC Grk Pre &Suffixes

a not
adeno gland
amphi both, around
amylo starch
andro man
anthropo man
anti against
apo away
arch(i) chief
archeo(o)[ae(o)] old
arthro joint
aster, astro star
atmo vapor
auto self
baro weight
batho, bathy deep
biblio book
bio life
bracchio arm
brachy short
branchio gills
cardio heart
carpo fruit
cephalo head
chloro green
chondro cartilage
choreo dance
chrono time
chryso gold
cocci berry shaped
cosmo universe
cranio skull
cryo cold
crypto hidden
cteno comb, rake
dactylo finger
deca ten
dendro tree
dermo, dermato skin
deutero second
dino terrible
diplo double
dodeca twelve
echino spiny
ecto outside, exterior
encephalo brain
entero gut
ento inside, interior
entomo insect
eph, epi on
ergo work
erythro red
ethno race, nation
eu good
galacto milk
gastro stomach
geo earth, land
glosso tounge
gnath(o) jaw
gymno nude, naked
halo salt, sea
hecto hundred
helico spiral
helio sun
hema blood
hepato liver
hepta seven
hetero different
hexa six
histo tissue
holo whole, complete
homeo similar, like
homo same
hydro water
hygro wet
hyper above
hypno sleep
hypo under
hystero womb
ichthyo fish
kerato horn
kinesi, kineto movement
lepto slender
leuko white
litho stone
macro large
mega. megalo great
melano black
meso middle
micro small
mono one, single
morpho shape
myelo spinal cord
mylo fungus
myo muscle
nerco dead body
nephro kidney
neuro nerve
octa, octo eight
odonto tooth
oligo few
ornitho bird
oro mouth
ortho straight
osteo bone
oto ear
oxy sharp
paleo, palaeo old, ancient
pan all
patho suffering, disease
pedo child
penta five
peri around, very
petro stone
phago eating
phlebo vein
phono sound
photo light
phyco seaweed
physio nature
phyto plant
piezo pressure
pneumo lung
polio gray matter
pro before, foreward
proto first
pseudo false
psycho mind, spirit, soul
ptero wing
pyro fire
rhino nose
sacchro sugar
sapro decompose
sacro flesh
sceiero hard
schisto, schizo split
somato body
speleo cave
spermato seed
sphygmo pulse
steno short, narrow
stomato mouth
tacky rapid
thermo heat
topo place
xeno foreign
-algia pain
-androus man
-biosis life
-blast bud
-chrome color
-dendron tree
-derm skin
-emia blood
-gamy marriage
-gonium seed
-lasis disease
-itis inflammation
-kinesis movement
-logy science of, list
-mania(c) craving
-meter, -metry measure
-morphis,(ous) shape
-odont tooth
-oid like, similar
-oma tumor
-opia eye, sight
-pathy suffering, disease
-phope, -phobia fear
-phyte plant
-plasm matter
-plast cell
-plegia paralysis
-saur lizard
-scope, -scopy observation
-soma, -some body
-sperm, (ous) seed
-tomy cutting
-trophy feed
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