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deads mens path

setting the setting is in a school in 1949
mood they are very happy in most of the story
theme is that you should always live everything the way it is
person vs person that the old men got mad because the headprincple did not let him use the path that they always used .
nature hook they th enot let the village use the path
climax he makes a decision to close the path
rising action when the obi decides to close the path
falling action that obi have see what the villagers done to the school
conculsion the villsgers destory the school
narrator obi
tone happy and mad
point of view 3rd omistiaon
majore charters mr.obi and villagers
protaganist mr.obi
antaganist the preste
minors obi theahers
symbol the symbol is the path
forshading you should never do anthing that the shool has like the path
irony is the path of the village
direct charaterizatio that obi is exited about his promotin
indirect charactization obi
dynamic character theres not a charater in the story that change
statci character obi
exposition that obi is the main charater and his wife with other villagers
Created by: erineosalgado