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Law Intro - Chap. 4

A study guide

What are some of the most common methods for solving disputes out of court? Negotiation, arbitration, and mediation
When dealing with a conflict, what is the most important question? How to handle conflicts in our lives.
What are some disadvantages to going to court? 1. Time consuming. 2. Expensive
Define "negotiation" The process by which people involved in a dispute talk to each other about their problem and try to reach a solution acceptable to all.
Define "settlement" Agreement
Define "arbitration" Settling a dispute without going to trial.
The arbitration is like a _________, but the process is less formal than a trial. judge
What is arbitration common? Arbitration is common in contract and labor management disputes and in some international law cases.
Define "mediation" Another method of alternative dispute resolution.
True or false? Mediation is voluntary; therefore, the mediator has no power to impose a decision on the parties. True
List the 6 steps in a typical mediation session: 1. Introduction 2. Telling the story 3. Identifying positions and interests 4. Identifying alternative solutions 5. Revising and discussing solutions 6. Reaching an agreement
What do community mediation programs do? They settle serious disputes between husbands and wives, landlords and tenants, and consumer and businesses.
What does the Better Business Bureau (BBB) do? It often mediates disputes between shoppers and store owners.
Define "ombudspersons" They investigate complaints and then help the parties reach some agreement.
What is the key to the success of both negotiation and mediation? Ideas for resolving the conflict come from the people who have the conflict.
Created by: TheRabbitBell