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Mrs. Riley's #6

Vocab. List #6

amphibians ectothermic vertebrates; most can breathe through gills as young and lungs as adults
barometer tool used to measure air pressure in inches of mercury or millibars (mb)
cold front when a cold air mass collides and slides under a warm air mass; thunderstorms and cooler temperatures
filament thin stalk of the stamen (male part of the flower)
fulcrum the fixed point of a lever
internal stimulus cues animals have to ensure their survival (hunger, thirst, sleep)
metamorphosis physical changes an animal goes through as it transforms into an adult; ex: tadpole to frog
solar energy energy from the sun
stratosphere second layer of the atmosphere from Earth’s surface; contains the ozone layer
theory explanation of things or events based on scientific knowledge resulting from many observations or experiments
Created by: kriley14