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USF Medical Terminol

Acou-, Acu- Hear
Amni Fetal membrane, amniotic sac, amnion
Asc-, Ascit- [Leather bag], bladder, sac, bag
Bary- Heavy, full, hard
Cente- Pierce
Chrom-, Chroma-, Chromat- Color, pigment
Dips- Thirst
Echo- Reverberating sound, echo
Edema, Edemat- Swelling
Eme- Vomit
Gno(s)- Know
Lal- Talk
Lapar- Abdomen, abdominal wall
Lex- Read
Mne- Remember
Ne- New
No- Mind, metal activity, comprehension
Orec-, Orex- Have an appetite
Ox(y)- Acute, pointed; rapid; acid; oxygen
Pha- Speak, communicate
Phag- Swallow, eat
Pharmac(eu)- Medicine, drug
Phem- Speech
Phob- (abnormal) Fear
Phon Voice, sound
Phrac-, Phrag- Enclose, obstruct
Phras- Speak
Phren- Mind; diaphragm
Phylac- Protection (against disease)
Phy(s) Nature, appearance
Phyt- Plant (organism), growth
Poie- Produce, make
Sapr- Rotten, putrid, decaying
Stear-, Steat- Fat, sebum, sebaceous glands
Aut- Self
Crin-??? [Separate] ?????? , secrete, secretion
Esthe(s)- Sensation, sensitive, sense
Gen(e)-, -Gen Come into being; produce
Gram- [Something written], a record
Graph- Write, record
Iatr- Healer, physician, treatment
Idi- Of one's self
Kine- Move
Kines(i)- Movement, motion
Ly(s)- Destroy, break down
Myx- Mucus
Orth- Straight, erect; normal
Ot- Ear
Path- [Suffering] Disease
Phil- Love; have an affinity for
Pt- Fall, sag, drop, prolaps
Pyr- [Fire] fever, burning
Pyret- Fever
Pyrex Be Feverish
Rhe- [Run] flow, secrete
Rhag- [Burst forth] flow profusely, hemorrhage
Rhex- Rupture
Rhin- Nose
Scop- Look at, examine
Sep- [Be putrid] be infected
Ta- Stretching
Tel- End, completion
Ten-, Tenon(t)- Tendon
Therap(eu)- Treat medically, heal
Tom- A cutting, slice, incision
Ton- [A stretching] (muscular) tone, tension
-gen Substance that produces (something)
-genesis Formation, origin
-genic Causing, producing, caused
-genous By; produced by or in
-gram a record of the activity of an organ (often an x-ray)
-graph An instrument for recording the activity of an organ
-graphy (1)The recoding of the activity of an organ (usually by x-ray examination) (2)A descriptive treatise (on a subject)
-lysis Dissolution, reduction, decomposition, disintegration
-lytic Pertaining to dissolution or decomposition, disintegration (forms adjectives from words ending in -lysis)
-pathy Disease
-ptosis Dropping, sagging, prolapse (of an organ or part)
-rrhagia Profuse discharge, hemorrhage
-rrhea Profuse discharge, excessive secretion
-rrhexis Bursting (of tissues), rupture
-scope An instrument for examining
-scopy Examination
-tome A surgical instrument for cutting
-tomy Surgical incision
Is- Equal, same, similar, alike
Mening-, -meninx Meningeal membrane, meninges
My(s)- [Mouse] muscle
Myc(et)- [Mushroom] fungus
Myel- Bone marrow, spinal cord
Narc- stupor, numbness
Necr- Corpse; dead
Olig- Few, deficient
Onych- Fingernail, toenail
Pod- Foot
Poli- [Gray] gray matter of the brain and the spinal cord
Poly- many , excessive
Por- Passage, opening, duct, pore, cavity
Psych- [Soul] mind
Som(at)-, -soma Body
Sthen- Strength
Trachel- Neck, cervix
Xanth- Yellow
Archn- Spider, web; arachnoid membrane
Chlor- Green
Chondr- Cartilage
Dactyl- Finger, toe
Derm(at)-, -derma Skin
(H)elc- Ulcer
Hidr(ot)-, -idr Sweat
Hist(i)- [Web] tissue
Hypn- Sleep
Icter- Jaundice
In-, Inos- Fiber, muscle
Acr- [Highest point] extremities (particularly the hands and feet)
Ambly- Dull, faint
Carcin- [Crab] carcinoma, cancer
-cel- Hernia, tumor, swelling
Cheir-, Chir- Hand
Chol(e)- bile, gall
Col(i)-, Colon- Colon
Cyan- Blue
Cyst(i)-, -cystis Bladder, cyst
Diplo- Double, twin
Enter- (Small) intestine
Erg- Action, work
Gastr- Stomach
Hem-, Hemat-, -em- Blood
Hepar-, Hepat- Liver
Lip- Fat
Macr- (abnormally) large or long
Mega-, Megal- (abnormally) large or long
Melan- Dark, black
Micr- (abnormally) small
Nyct- Night
Odyn- Pain
Onc- Tumor
Pachy- Thick
Pseud- False
Py- pus
Sarc- Flesh, soft tissue
Spasm- Spasm, involuntary muscular contractions
Splen- Spleen
Stom-, Stomat- Mouth Opening
Cata- Downward, disordered
Dia- Through, across, apart
Eso- Within, inner, inward
Eu- good, normal, healthy
Heter-, Herero- Different, other, relationship to another
Homo-, Homeo- Same, Likness
Meta- Change, transformation, after, behind
Para- Alongside, around
Pro- Before
Pros-, Prosth In place of
-al Pertaining to, located in
-ase Forms names of enzymes
-asia, -asis Forms abstract nouns: state, condition
-ema Forms abstract nouns: state. condition
-esis Forms abstract nouns: state. condition, procedure???????
-etic Froms adjectives, often from nouns ending in in ???????
-ics, -tics Forms nouns indicating a particular science or study:science or study of
-ism Forms abstract nouns: state, condition, quality
-ismus Forms abstract nouns: state, condition; muscular spasm
-oid(rarely) -ode, -id Form both nouns and adjectives indicating a particular shape, form, or resemblance:like, resembling
-oma, -omata Forms abstract nouns: usually tumorl occasionally disease
-ose Used to form names of chemicals substance: full of, resembling
-ous Pertaining to the characterized by, full of
-us Condition, person (sometimes a malformed fetus)
Amphi-, Ampho On both sides, around, both
Ana- Up, bac, against
Apo- away from
-logy Study, Science, the study of science of
-logist One who specializes in a certain study or science
-malacia The Softening (of tissues)
-sclerosis The hardening (of tissues)
-stenosis The narrowing (of a part of the body)
-toxic Poisonous (to an organ)
-toxin A substance poisonous to (a part of the body)
Lept- Thin, fine, slight
Leuk- White, white blood cell
Lith- Stone, calculus
Log- Word, study
Malac- Soft
Mes- Middle, secondary, partial, mesentery
-meter, Metr- measure, measuring device
Nephr- Kidney
Neur- [Tendon] nerve, nervous system
Oste- Bone
Phosop- Face
Prot- First, primitive, early
Scler- Hard
Sten- Narrow
Stere- Solid, having three dimensions
Tachy- Rapid
Tox(i)- Posion
Acanth- Thorn, spine
Alg- Pain
Alges- sensitivity to pain
All- Other, divergence, difference form
Angi- (Blood) vessel, duct
Arteri- [Air passage] Artery
Arthr- Joint
Bi- Life
Brady- Slow
Cardi- Heart
Cephal- Head
Crani- Skull
Cyt- [Hollow container] cell
Encephal- Brain
Erythr- Red, red blood cell
Peri- Around, surrounding
Syn- Together, with, joined
-a Forms abstract nous: state, condition
-ac Forms adjectives: pertaining to, located in
-ia Forms abstract nouns; often the suffix -ia appears as a -y: state, condition
-iac Forms nouns: person affliced with
-iasis Forms Abstract nouns: disease, abnormal condition, abnormal presence of
-ic??? Forms adjectives: pertaining to, located in ?????
-in, -ine From names of substances
-ist Forms nouns: a person interested in
-itic Forms adjectives: pertaining to; pretending to inflammation
-itis Forms nouns including and inflamed conditions: Inflammation
itides Is the plural form of words ending in -itis
-ium (rarely -eum) Forms nouns: membrane, connective tissue
-ma Forms nouns: (often) abnormal or diseased condition.
-osis Forms nouns: abnormal or diseased condition
-otic Forms adjectives from nouns ending in -osis: pertaining to
-sia Forms abstract nouns: state, condition
-sis Forms abstract nouns:state, condition
-tic Forms adjectives from nouns ending in -sis: pertaining to; words ending in -tic can be used as both adjectives and nouns and as nouns, often indicates a drug or agent
A-, An- Not, without, lacking, deficient
Anti-, Ant- Against, opposed to, preventing, relieving
Di- Two, twice, double
Dsy- Difficult, painful, defective, abnormal
Ec-, Ex- Out of, away from
Ecto-, Ect- Outside of
En-, Em- In, into, whithin
Endo-, Ento-, End-, Ent- Within
Epi-, Ep- Upon, over above
Exo- Outside, from the outside, toward the outside
Hemi- Half, Partial; one side of the body
Hyper- Over, above, excessive, beyond normal
Hypo-, Hyp- Under, deficient, below normal
Mono-, mon- one, single
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