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Exam# 3 HRS

HRS 707 part IV Kidnapping and Related Offenses

7 elements of Kidnapping 1. Ransome or reward 2. Shield or hostage 3. Facilitate commission of a felony or flight thereafter 4. Force sexual offense 5. Terrorize that person or third person 6. Interfere with gov. or pol. function 7. Unlawful labor.
Knowingly Restrain another person under circumstances that risk serious bodily injury Unlawful imprisonment first degree
Penalty for Unlawful impri. 1 Class C Felony
Knowingly restrains another person Unlawful imprisonment in the Second Degree
Affirmative defense for Unlawful Impri. 2 1. < 18yrs old 2. Relative of victim 3. Sole purpose to assume custody over victim.
Restrained for theft in an unreasonable amount of time Unlawful imprisonment in the second degree
Penalty for Unlawful Impri. 2 Misdemeanor
I/ K violates a court order or takes, entices, conceals, or detains a minor from a person who has right to custody Custodial interference in the first degree
In the absence of a court order I/ K takes, detains, conceals, or entices a minor and removes the minor from State. Custodial interference in the first degree
Affirmative defense for Custodial interference " good cause " ie. protect the minor from immediate bodily injury.
Penalty Custodial interference 1 Class C felony
I/ K takes, entices, conceals, or detains a minor know that the person has no right to do so. Custodial interference in the second degree
Penalty Custodial interference 2 Misdemeanor
Created by: Jdbaba