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medical words from semester 1

afebrile Without fever
aldosterone Mineralocorticoid steroid hormone produced by the adrenal cortex with action in the renal tubule to regulate sodium and potassium balance in the blood.
aphasia Abnormal neurological condition in which language function is defective or absent; related to injury to speech center in cerebral cortex, causing receptive or expressive aphasia.
bradycardia Slower-than-normal heart rate; heart contracts fewer than 60 times/min.
bradypnea Abnormally slow rate of breathing.
cathartics Drugs that act to promote bowel evacuation.
crackles Fine bubbling sounds heard on auscultation of the lung; produced by air entering distal airways and alveoli, which contain serous secretions.
diaphoresis Secretion of sweat, especially profuse secretion associated with an elevated body temperature, physical exertion, or emotional stress.
diuresis Increased rate of formation and excretion of urine.
dysphagia Difficulty swallowing; commonly associated with obstructive or motor disorders of the esophagus.
dyspnea Sensation of shortness of breath.
dysuria Painful urination resulting from bacterial infection of the bladder and obstructive conditions of the urethra.
eupnea Normal respirations that are quiet, effortless, and rhythmical.
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