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B.G. 1.2

Adficio, -ere, -feci, fectum Affect, afflict
Angustus, -a, -um Narrow, confined
Bello (1) To wage war, fight
Consul, -is Consul
Cupiditas, -tatis Desire, eagerness for
Cupidus, -a, -um Desirous, eager, keen
Dis, ditis Rich, wealthy
Divido, -ere, -visi, -visus Divide, distribute
Dolor, -oris Pain, grief, anger, passion
Exeo, -ire, -ii (ivi), -itus Go out
Fortitudo, -dinis Strength, courage
Gloria, -ae Glory, fame
Induco, -ere, -duxi, -ductum Draw/ lead in
Iura, -ae Iura (a mountain range)
Lacus, -us Lake, pond, pool
Late Widely, far and wide
Latitudo, -dinis Breadth, width
Latus, -a, -um Wide
Lemannus, i Geneva
Longitudo, -inis Length, width
M. Marcus
Messala, -ae Messala
Mons, montis Mountain, mount
Natura, -ae Nature
Nobilis, -e Noble, renowned
Nobilitas, -tatis Nobility, renown
Pateo, -ere, -ui Lie open, extend
Perfacilis, -e Very easy
Piso, Pisonis Piso
Potior, -iri, -itus Gain, win
Vagor, -ari Wander,roam, go to and fro
Created by: tkarnilaw