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Laubusch WI Chap 5-1

Wisconsin Chapter 5-1 Vocabulary

The group in England that makes laws. Parliament
A plan for how parts of the Territory could become states. Northwest Ordinance
Happens when people fight to replace one government with a different government. Revolution
A settlement that is ruled by a country far away. Colony
Led the American army against the British. George Washington
Freedom from another country's control or rule. Independence
Rock that has minerals in it. Ore
Owner of the American Fur Company. John Jacob Aster
Chosen to write a paper called the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson
Buildings with very hot ovens that melted ore into pure lead. Smelters
To give up to the other side. Surrender
The center of the Wisconsin mining region. Mineral Point
Land area that included the lands that owuld become the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and part of Minnesota. Northwest Territory
Document said the colonies would no longer be rules by the British. Declaration of Independence
Two men who gave mining a great boost by opening mines and building smelters. Moses Meeker and James Johnson
Created by: blaubusch