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Remember these stuff

Simple sentence to connect all chapters based on quiz online

ACE mechanisms prevents Angio I to Angio II
ARB mechanisms block angio II
aldosterone does sodium and water retention
Selective α-adrenoreceptor antagonists does? block sympathetic stimulation which leads to vasodilatation & decreased vascular resistance
Reflex stimulation of SNS increase HR, contractile force, & NE circulation
B Blockers do? inhibit renin secretion.
Selective β1 –blockers cautions with? asthma, COPD, diabetes
nonselective B blocker cautions with? Contraindicated with asthma & COPD
dry mouth clonidine (centrally acting drug)
sedation clonidine (centrally acting drug)
Rebound hypertension clonidine (centrally acting drug)
ACE does? reduce PVR =>lower BP => for hypertension end in "-pril"
cough ACE, direct Renin inhibitor (alikiren)
alternation in taste ACE
angioedema ACE, direct renin inhi (aliskiren)
pregnacy catogaries C and D ACE or ARB
renal protective, cerepro-protective ACE
end in -sartan ARB
hyperkalemia ARB
neutropenia ARB
liver enzymes ARB
pregnancy categories C and D ACE, ARB
GI alikiren (direct renin inh)
what to monitor when administering Thiazides? monitor potassium, glucose, uric acid, & lipids
what drug for hypertensive pt with CHD? b-blocker
what drug for hypertensive pt with Diabetes? BB cautiously selected
hypertension with asthma dont use BB, use ACE and CCB
reflex tachycardia hydralazine (vasodilator)
fluid retention hydralazine (vasodilator), doxazosin, prazosin, terazosin (a-anta)
Orthostatic hypotension selective B1 blockers, doxazosin, terazosin, prazosin (a-anta)
Hypokalemia thiazide, loop
hyperuricemia (elevated uric acid) thiazide
hyperlipidemia thiazide
hypercalcimea thiazide
cause aggravation of diabetes thiazide
blood cell deficiencies diuretics
tinnius loop diuretics
hypertension with poor renal function loop diuretic
dizziness a-antagonists
first-dose syncope a-antagonist
drugs with fluid retention that use in combination with diuretics doxazosin, terazosin, prazosin (a-anta)
hyperkalemia potassium-sparing (triamterene, spironolactone, eplerenone, amiloride)
what drug to avoid age over 65 years with hypertension? centrally acting a2-agonist
what drug to avoid in African with HTN b-blocker
Created by: prinluu