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Arabian Enviroment

Coastal Plains, Desert, Mountains, Oasis

Desert Part 1: Enviroment Give a Description of the environment. Harsh,Hot Dry, Weather
Desert Part 2: Enviroment Give another description. Can get up to 120-Day Below 0- Night.
Desert Part 3 Enviroment Give one more description. Sandstorms,Flash Floods, Sand Dunes,can occur.
Desert Part 1 Adaptions Give a Fact. People live in little towns
Desert Part 2 Adaptations Give A Fact. Made Yogurt.
Desert Part 3 Adaptations Give A Fact. Merchants.
Desert Part 4 Adaptations Give A Fact Camels for Travel Trade.
Oasis Part 1 Enviroment Give A Fact. Freshwater From underground
Oasis Part 2 Enviroment Give a Fact. They vary from small acres to huge landmarks.
Oasis Part 3 Environment. Give a Fact They cause fertile land and plant life.
Oasis Part 1 Adaption Give a fact. They dug holes for crops.
Oasis Part 2 Adaption Give a fact. They gained a main resources the ''Date Palm Tree''.
Oasis Part 3 Adaption Give a Fact. They Made Land Marks in the Oasis's so people could meet.
Oasis Part 4 Adaption Give A Fact. They created mini Trade Towns.
Mountains Part 1 Environment Give a fact. Lots Of Rain.
Mountains Part 2 Environment Give a fact. Cool Tempature.
Mountains Part 3 Environment Give A Fact. Frost may and will form.
Mountains Part 1 Adaptions Give A Fact. People Mountain Dwell.
Mountains Part 2 Adaptions Give A Fact. Lived In Mud Houses.
Mountains Part 3 Adaptions Give A Fact. Built Terraces to make flat ground.
Mountains Part 4 Adaptions Give A Fact. Under Ground Reservoirs.
Coastal Plains Part 1 Environment Give A Fact. 5-40 mi. of inland
Coastal Plains Part 2 Enviroment Give A Fact. Rainfalls Regularly
Coastal Plains Part 3 Enviroment Give A Fact. Mountain Ranges Vary.
Coastal Plains Part 1 Adaptions Give A Fact. Suitable for Farming.
Coastal Plains Part 2 Adaptions Give A Fact. Built DeepWells.
Coastal Plains Part 3 Adaptions Give a Fact. Rain Water Canals.
Coastal Plains Part 4 Adaptions Give A Fact. Seaports.
Created by: MlgVg