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Mr. Mac Lab Safety

Lab Safety and Equipment

What piece of lab equipment is used for looking at extremely small things? Microscope
What piece of lab equipment is used for measuring mass? Balance Triple Beam-Digital-Pan
What piece of lab equipment is used for measuring distance or length? meter stick or metric ruler
What basic metric unit will we use when measuring mass? grams
What piece of lab equipment is used for measuring liquid volume? a graduated cylinder (A pipette or eyedropper will also work if a very small volume is needed) Beaker and Flask are not precise
Stay at your ______________ ________________ . lab station You should not go to OR talk to people at other lab stations
Make sure when working at you lab station nothing is to close to... ...the edge.
It is important to make sure your lab station stays... ...neat, clean, organized, dry, etc...
No playing around during ______________ __________________. Lab work
Use lab materials/supplies as ________________________. directed/intended
If something potentially dangerous gets into your eyes -use the eye wash for ________ minutes 15
If you were measuring liquid volume and you needed a precise measurement, what piece of lab equipment would you use? graduated cylinder
What piece of lab equipment could I use to hold liquid when heating it over a Bunsen Burner? flask or beaker AND even a test tube
What piece of lab equipment holds things for you? lab stand
If you are not using something at a lab station you should... ...put it away.
If you are using an unknown substance or a potentially dangerous chemical we will always... ...wear safety glasses, gloves and be very careful.
What is weight? The pull or force of gravity on matter.
How are weight and mass different? Mass is not changed by gravity, weight is.
What basic metric unit is used for measuring distance? meter
If you were going to grow bacteria in a lab you would need many _________ ________ for the bacteria to grow and live in. Petri dishes or culture dishes.
What is a meter? The basic metric unit used for measuring distance.
Name some of the safety equipment in our lab. Eye wash, fire extinguisher, telephone, safety goggles and fire blanket.
40mL of water is a measurement of.... volume ...the amount of space the water take up.
30g is a measurement of... mass much matter something has.
500cm is a measurement of... distance long, wide or tall something is.
What is volume? How much space something takes up.
What BASIC metric unit is used when measuring liquid volume? Liters or milliliters
What is mass? How much matter is in something. You could also say... The amount of matter that something is.
Broken glass gets cleaned up carefully after you tell the _________________ and gets put in the ________________________________. teacher.... broken glass container/sharps container
Always ____________ when smelling things in the lab area waft
Don't use chipped, cracked or broken _________________________. glassware
If Mr. Macdonald was on fire, what 3 things should the students do while he stops. drops and rolls? Get the fire blanket, fire extinguisher and get a TEACHER.
Notify your teacher if there are any ________________, ______________, _________________ or _________________. accidents, cuts, spills or breaks
What are the 2 most important things to d before beginning lab work? Know/understand what you are about to do and Have permission to begin
Created by: MrMac
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