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Stack #103025

New Practical Chinese Reader Lesson 15

yin2 hang2 银行 bank
pai2 dui4 排队 to wait in line
huan4 to exchange money
ren2 min2 bi4 人民币 the People's currency
yong4 to use
ci4 time, occasion
can1 guan1 参观 to visit (a place)
ming2 xin4 pian4 明信片 postcard
ren2 yuan4 人员 staff
shu3 yi4 shu3 数一数 to count
fa1 zhan3 发展 to develop
liu2 li4 流利 fluent
nian2 qing1 年轻 young people
dong3 to understand
xin4 yong4 ka3 信用卡 credit card
hao3 jiu3 好久 a long time
zhan3 kai1 展开 to open up
nian2 fen4 年份 age (of wine, car etc..)
hui4 lu4 汇率 exchange rate
xian4 jin1 现金 cash
cheng2 shi4 城市 city
di4 fang1 地方 place
cai4 a dish (food)
kuai4 su4 快速 fast
shi4 chang3 市场 marketplace
bu4 hao3 yi4 si1 不好意思 I'm embarrassed
fang1 zi 房子 house
Created by: kentabacchi