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Stack #103024

New Practical Chinese Reader Lesson 14

bao1 kuo4 包括 to include
re4 xin1 热心 enthusiastic
gang1 cai2 刚才 just now
you2 ju2 邮局 post office
ji4 to mail
lu3 xing2 旅行 to travel
fu4 xi2 复习 to review
lian4 xi2 练习 to practice
guo4 to spend time
xi3 to wash
da3 gong1 打工 to work part time
nan2 fang1 南方 Southern place
liu2 xue2 sheng1 留学生 student studying abroad
ke4 wen2 课文 text
kou3 yu3 口语 spoken language
yu3 fa3 语法 grammar
zheng3 li3 整理 to sort out
luan4 qi1 ba1 zao1 乱七八糟 in a mess
ou1 zhou1 欧洲 Europe
chun1 jie2 春节 Spring festival
Created by: kentabacchi