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Misc. shit for inspection

Chief of Police Louis Kealoha
Deputy Chief of Administrative Operations Deputy Chief Dave Kajihiro
Deputy Chief of Field Operations Deputy Chief Marie McCauley
Acting Major PSO Captain Larry Lawson
Admin Bureau Ass. Chief Ass. Chief Mark Nakagawa
Major of Finance Division Major Thomas Grossi
Major of Human Resource Division Major Alan Blumke
Major of Training Division Major Robert Green
Support Services Bureau Ass. Chief Ass. Chief Bart Huber
Central Bureau Assistant Chief Ass. Chief Randal Macadangdang
Regional Patrol Bureau Ass. Chief Ass. Chief Clayton Kau
Investigative Bureau Ass. Chief Ass. Chief Susan Dowsett
Special Field Ops. Bureau Ass. Chief Ass. Chief Gregory Leftcourt
Key# E-465
Company of whistle The acme thunderbird
Where was whistle made? England
Belt Company Safari Land
Oc pouch Aker
Handcuffs company Peerless handcuffs co model 700
Where was belt made? USA
Traning Division Capt.? Capt. William Baldwin
010 Homicide
060 Theft
150 Weapons
180 Drugs and Narcotics
200 Family offense/ neglect
210 DUI
297 Warrant Arrest
Call sign? 2Bravo302
3 element that determine amount of force Severity of crime, level of threat, level of resistance
Points of an approach Hands, weapons, environment, cover/ concealment, friends, exsist
HDL expiration date 01/06/2014
Acting Major for Communications Division Terrance Kong
Major for ITD Major Aaron Correia
Major for Records and ID Major Thomas Nitta
10-1 Return to station
10-2 Call by phone
10-3 Meet the officer
10-4 Confirm Message
10-5 Your location
10-6 Repeat last
10-7 Arrival on scene
10-8 Available back on road
10-9 Off of car, state reason
10-10 Ambulance
10-11 Make a fast call
10-12 Lavoratory
10-13 Call home
10-14 Lunch
10-15 Officer in trouble
10-16 Cancel last message
10-99 Bomb threat
Code 1 Motor vehicle collision
Code 10 Motor vehicle theft
Code 25 Drunk person
Handcuff serial number 811928
Major for District 1 (central Oahu) Major Sean Naito
Major for District 5 (Kalihi) Major William Chur
Major for District 6 (Waikiki) Major Ron Bode
Major for District 7 (east Honolulu) Major Michael Thomas
Major for CID Major Richard Robinson
Major for Narco/ Vice Major John Mcentire
Major of Traffic Division Major Kurt Kendro
Captain of Criminal intelligence unit Captain Gordon Shirashi
Created by: Jdbaba
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