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Funds - Planning

Unit 1 - F Nursing Process (C-Planning)

What constitutes the first phase of planning? Establishment of priorities.
What is the establishing of priorities based on? Maslow's Hierarchy of needs
What needs to be conisdered while planning? CRL C-Client Needs R-Resources of the health care facility L-Limitation of time
Which types of Dx are goals established for? ALL goals.
Define short term goal. Can be achieved quickly. (Few days to a week).
Define Long Term goal. Takes awhile to achieve (Weeks to months or longer)
What can a long term goal focus on?PHRD P-Prevention H-Health education R-Rehabilitation D-Discharge
What are four characteristics that goals should have? CMRT C-Client centered M-Measurable/specific R-Realistic for Client T-Time Frame
What is the purpose of expected outcomes? They serve as CRITERIA for later evaluating.
When do you write expected outcomes into the careplan? Never.
What are the three types of interventions? PIC P-Physician Initiated I-Independent interventions C-Collaborative interventions
What are Physician initiated interventions? 1. Completed w/ Physican order 2. Requires nursing judgment/knowledge
What are Independent interventions? Can be performed without the supervision of others
What are collaborative interventions? PERFORMED BY NURSE, in collaboration with another health care professional
What are four purposes of the nursing care plan? DDCC D-Documentation of health care needs D-Decrease risk of incomplete/inaccurate/incorrect health care C-Continuity of care C-Communication with other members of the health care team (promotes)
What are five types of care plans? SSICC S-Standardized S-Student I-Institutional C-Computerized C-Critical Pathways
Created by: kluiz777@aol.com