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Wills, Trust, Estate

Ownership of property by a husband and wife together Tenancy by the entirety
a single estate in property held by two or more persons created under one instrument at one time Joint tenancy
a testamentary document that distributes wealth and directs how the estate should be administered Will
Dying without a valid will intestate
a woman who makes and executes a will testatrix
A party who received a gift by will of personal property legatee
a gift by will of real property devise
a clause that states where, when and whom the notary public is that is certifying the signature jurat
a POA that does not terminate upon the principal becoming mentally incompetent durable general POA
a proportional reduction of gifts to beneficiaries because the estate lacks sufficient funds to pay the decedent's debts abatement
a gift by will of personal property legacy
a person nominated in the will to carry out the directions and the distribution of gifts contained in the will executor
an heir of beneficiary does not inherit from the decedent if the heir or beneficiary killed the decedent slayers rule
a gift by will fails because it is no longer owned by the testator or it is no longer in existence ademption
a gift by will fails because the beneficiary predeceased the decedent or the beneficiary is unwilling to take the item lapse
method of distributing the decedents estate when the decedent has left behind surviving issue from different generations per stirpes
all heirs within a class receive equal shares per capita
living trust, a trust to take effect while the person is living, not upon the death of a person inter vivos trust
the beneficiary of a trust cestui que trust
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