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Muscle Tissues (5)

Anatomy and Physiology

4 Functions of Muscle Producing Movement, Maintaining Posture, Stabilizing Joint, Generrating Heat
Producing Movement Locomotion, external environment, internal body channels (Urine, Bile, Food, Baby)
Maintaining Posture maintain an erect/seated posture
Stabilizing Joint Reinforcing/ stabilizing joints
Generating Heat Contraction, Normal body temperature, 40% of bodyis muscle
Types of Muscle Tissue Skeletal, Cardiac, Smooth
Skeletal Attached to bone, some facial bone, to skin, Voluntary - Nervous system
Cardiac Walls around heart, Branching chains to cells, Involuntary - heat pacemaker
Smooth Walls of Virceral Organ, Single fusiform, Involuntary - Chemical Stretch
Common body movement Flexion, Extension, Rotation, Abduction, Adduction, Circumduction
Flexion Sagittal plane, Hinge joint, Ball and socket
Extension Increase angle, Hyperextension is x>180
Rotation Longitudinal axis, ball and socket, shaking head "No"
Abduction Frontal plane/ Median, Fanning fingers/toes
Adduction Toward Midline, opposite abduction
Circumduction Combo of all others, ball and socket, proximal - stationary, distal - moves, while outline of core
Origin stationary bone
Insertion moveable part of the bone
Pectoralis Major Rotates arm at shoulder, Flexes/ extend arm at shoulder
Prctoralis Minor Rotates scapula, Elevates ribs during forced inhalaion
Deltoid Full range of motion at shoulder
Latissimus Dorsi Should rotation, Draw arms downward and backward
Gluteus Maximus Rotates thigh at hip
Trapezius Movement/ rotation of scapula
Rectus Abdominus Rect - straight, parallel to midline, compresses abdomen - to aid in defecation, urination, forced exhalation, and childbirth
External Oblique Both sides, one side bends vertebral column laterally
Transverse Abdominus Across - Perpendicular to midline) Compress Abdomen
Diaphragm Breathing contraction/ relaxation, changes volume of thoracic cavity resulting in inhaling and exhaling
External Intercostals Inhaling
Internal Intercostals Exhaling
Biceps Brachi Flexes/raises forearms
Triceps Brachi Extends forearms
Brachioradialis Involoves flexing forarm below elbow
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