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G8 Unit 6 Vocab

Grade 8 Unit 6 Vocabulary (Short Story Unit)

acute sensitive
dissimulation hiding of one's feelings or purposes
profound intellectually deep; getting to the bottom of the matter
sagacity high intelligence and sound judgement
crevice a narrow opening
gesticulations energetic arm movement
derision contempt; ridicule
forsaken abandoned; desolate
brittle stiff and unbending
lavish showy; more than enough
refugees people who flee from their homes in a time of trouble
melancholy sad; depressed
compulsory enforced; required
meager lacking in some way; inadequate
obdurate stubbornly persistent
diplomatic tactful
turbulent full of commotion; wild
affluence wealth; abundance
degrading insulting; dishonorable
bachelor a man who has not married
resolute fixed in purpose; resolved
listlessly Without interest; spiritlessly
authentic genuine; real
procession a group of people or things moving forward
Created by: mrslind