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Law 12: Ch2

Chapter 2: Classifying Law

administrative Law law related to the relationship between people and government departments, boards and agencies.
bylaws laws that deal with local issues and are passed by municipal governments
civil law also called private law, governs the relationships between private individuals, between individuals and organizations, and between organizations
constitutional law body of law dealing with the distribution and exercise of government powers
contract law the branch of civil law that provides rules regarding agreements between people and businesses
criminal law law that identifies crimes and prescribes punishment
diplomatic immunity agreement not to prosecute foreign diplomats for certain crimes they may commit while working in the host country
distinguishing a case identifying a case as being sufficiently different from previous cases as to warrent a different decision
domestic law law that governs activity within a nation's borders
employment law the branch of civil law that governs employer-employee relationships
english common law law that originates from decisions made by judges in previous cases
estate law the branch of civil law concerned with the division and distribution of property after death.
family law the branch of civil law that deals with various aspects of family life
international law law that governs realtions between independant nations
jurisdiction the political or legal authority to pass and enforce laws, or the judicial authority to decide a case
private law also called civil law, governs the relationships between private individuals, between individuals and organizations, and between organizations
procedural law law tht prescribes the methods of enforcing the rights and obligations of substantive law
property law the branch of civil law that governs ownership rights in property
publc law` law related to the relatioships between individuals and the state
statute law a law or act passed by government
substantive law law that defines the rights, duties, and obligations of citizens and government
tort law the branch of civil law that holds persons or private organizations responsible for damage they cause another person as a result of accidental or deliberate action
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