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Chapter 35

Wheelock's Latin Vocabulary - Chapter 35

aetas summer aetatis, f.
ianua door -ae, f.
pectus breast, heart pectoris, n.
praemium reward, prize -i, n.
iratus, a, um angry adjective
antepono to prefer -ponere, -posui, -positum
foveo to comfort, cherish fovere, fovi, fotum
ignosco to forgive ignoscere, ignovi, ignotum + dat.
impero to order (1) + dat.
miror to marvel at, admire mirari, miratus sum
noceo to do harm to nocere, nocui, nocitum + dat.
nubo to veil; + dat. marry nubere, nupsi, nuptum
parco to spare parcere, peperci, parsurum + dat.
pareo to obey parere, parui + dat.
persuadeo to persuade -suadere, -suasi, -suasum + dat.
placeo to be pleasing to placere, placui, placitum + dat.
sapio to have good taste, be wise sapere, sapivi
servio to serve servire, servivi, servitum + dat.
studeo to study, be eager for studere, studui + dat.
subrideo to smile down upon -ridere, -risi, -risum
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