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ch20 draft animal

Chapter 20 Draft Animal Breed Identification and Production Management

belgian Flemish draft horse breed that is light brown in color with a lighter mane and tail
bray loud vocal sound of a mule or donkey
Clydesdale Scottish draft horse breed that is dark in color with white face and legs and is famous as the Budweiser mascot
conditioning process of working an animal to build up it body and strengthen the animal for work
donkey member of the equine family known as a burro or ass
draft animals type of animal that is muscular, powerful, and strong and used for pulling heavy loads
draft capacity force an animal must exert to move or pull a wagon and how the team works together
draft hitch class contest based on the number of animals used to pull a wagon and how the team works together
farming demonstrations draft animals used in plowing and farming activities
feathers long hair over the lower legs of horses located just above the hoof
flaxen color similar to blonde
gregariosu instinct or behavior to join a herd of group of like animals
hame strap lether parts that attach the harness and collar
horse pulls contests of power to see which horse can pull the heaviest load
horse power unit of power on an engine or motor that equals 745 watts of electricity of the amount of work done by lifting or moving 550 pounds at a distance of one mile per second
log pulling draft animal contest where logs are pulled to see which team can pull the heaviest amount
mule hybrid cross or a female horse and a male donkey
oxen members of the bovine family that resemble cattle with long verticle horns on the head
Percheron French horse breed that has a refined build and is popular carriage horse and is black to grey in color
shire english horse that is black or bay in color with feathers on the legs
suffolk english horse breed that is chestnut, smaller in size, and an easy keeper
whipple tree harness like attachment that connects the yoke to the wagon by hooks
yoke wooden bar that fits over the neck and shoulders of teams of oxen
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