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ch23 goat breeds

Chapter 23 Goat breed identification and production management

angora goat group of goats that produce hair
billy common name for the adult male goat
bloat air in stomach causing a swollen abdomen
buck adult male goat
browse woody type of plant
caprine veterinary term for goats
cashmere fine down undercoat of goats that is warm and used in clothing
dairy goat group of goats that produce milk
doe adult female goat
globules particles in milk that reduce the fat content
goat pox viral disease of goats that affects the immune system and causes flu like symptoms
goat first type of livestock domesticated that are used for meat, dairy, and fiber products
herd a group of goats
hypocalcemia low blood calcium
joint ill bacterial infection caused by contamination of the umbilical cord that causes pain and inflammation within a joint
kid young newborn goat
kidding labor process of goats
meat goat group of goats that produce meat
mohair long silky locks of hair from the angora goat used to make clothing and bedding products
nanny common name for the adult female goat
pygmy goat group of small sized goats used as pets
ringworm common contagious external fungus located over the skin and hair coat
scent glands area on the head located behind the horns that produces a strong hormonal odor in male goats
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