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Pharm Test 3 Pain Dr

Pharm Test 3 Pain Drugs

Question Answer: NTK
Aspirin Analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory
Aspirin not used for children <12
Aspirin decrease platelt aggregation
Aspirin preventative measure against TIA's, MI's or other thromboembolotic episodes
Aspirin inhibits cyclooxygenase Cox1 & Cox2
Aspirin gastric irritation is a common S/E
Cox 1 protects stomach linning & regulates blood platelets, promoting blood clotting
Cox 2 triggers pain & inflammation @ injured site
Reye Syndrome reason don't not give Children under 12 ASA
Nonnarcotic Analgesics Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Ibuprohen, Naproxen
Nonnaracotic Analgesics Control Pain: HA, Inflammation, Abrasions, Muscle aches, Arthrits Pain
M/M pain of skeletal muscles & joints non-narcotic analgesics
Moderate to severe pain in smooth muscle, organ, bones narcotic analgesic
Ibuprofen inhibits Cox 1 & Cox 2
Ibuprofen Gastric bleeding can still occur
Acteaminophen Non-narcotic, but not an NASID
Acetaminophen No anti-inflammatory properties
Acetaminophen Relieves pain, discomfort & Fever
Acetaminophen little or no gastric distress
Acetaminophen does not interfere with platelet aggregation
Acetaminophen interactions overdose toxic to liver cells
Acetaminophen contradications Not given to people w/ renal or liver disease or alcholics
Antirheumatic Drugs (DMARD's) used when NSAID's do not controll immunemadiated aethritic disease
DMARD's more toxic may be prescribed to alter the disease process or alleviate symptoms
Gold Salts most frequently used DMARD
Gold Salts (chrysotherapy) uses arrests progression and prevents deformities of RA
Gold Salts not used Not used in early or late stages of RA
Gold Salts Admin IM: 2 month for Results; Oral 3-6 months for results - erratic absorption, but better long term therapy
Gold Salts NTK check for blood dyscrasias, increase protein bound, half life 26-120 days
Gold Salts S/E Dermatitis, hives, alopecia, stomatitis, hepatis, colotos, pharyngitis, anaphylactic shock
Gold Salt contraindicated for: pt. w/ eczema, colitis, hemorrhagic conditions, systemic lupus
Gold Salts teaching good dental hygine, adhere to lab blood schdedule, report early s/s of toxicity, use sunblock, eat diet high in fiber or use anti-diarrheal drugs
Antigout "disease of Kings"
Antigout disease Inflammatory disease
Antigout site most common site is the joint of the big toe
Antigout appears bumps or "tophi"
Antigout uric acid metabloism disorder
Antigout complications urinary calculi & neuropathy
Antigout teach pt should avoid foods high in purine
Created by: Akfinlayson