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med surge

Unit 4 reproductive disorders Ch.52,53,54,55,56,Timby

How often should testicular exam be done Yearly or more often if any problems
When is the best time to do testicular exam In the shower up under warm soapy water
What bacteria causes protists Eccoli
What is the treatment for prostitis you would have to be on a 30 day antibiotic
What is mastitis Inflammation of the breast tissue this can occur in one or both breast
When is mastitis most common 2nd or 3rd week of postpartum
What would be the patient teaching of mastitis make sure the patient take all med to it entirely,report any side effects encourage good hand hygene express milk with breast pump until infection is resolved,avoid wearing breast shield
what is the microorganism found in mastitis staph
What is torsion of the spermatic cord the spermatic cord twist and it kinks the artery and compromise the blood flow to the testicles
What is the treatment for torsion spermatic cord surgery
As the nurse what would you do with patient with Torsion spermatic cord administer pain meds apply scrotum support do not elevate scrotum,give antibiotic as prescribed and report any onset of pain to your physician
what is epididmitis Inflammation of the epididimitis
what would you teach the patient with epididymitis you want to make sure the client contiue antibiotic till finished,take sitz bath for comfort apply local heat after swelling,avoid any heavy lifting and sexual intercourse until symptoms are re leaved
What are prostate dietary risk factors you want to make sure the patient decrease fat intake increase fiber
you are teaching a group of student about the stages of prostate cancer what would you want them to know Stage 2 mean that the cancer is larger than stage one and is more likely to spread.
What test determines ED Nocturnal penile and ridgy test
What is hypersterosalpingogram? Radio graphic examination that visualize the uterus and the fallopian it detect deviation adhesion and determine fallopian tube patency
Created by: eminacaldwell
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