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Year 9 Celebrations

生日 birthday
pass / to celebrate
邀请 invite/ invitation
寿面 birthday noodles
住址 address
准时 on time, punctual
抱歉 be sorry
be able to
measure word for long, thin things (i.e. ribbon, river, necklace, etc.)
项链 necklace
前天 the day before yesterday
measure word for pair , correct
耳环 earring
对了 by the way
礼物 gift, present
measure word for box
录音带 audio tape
小说 novel, fiction
漫画书 comic book
已经 already
zhang- grow, chang-long
be like, resemble
意思 meaning
prominent (nose), straight, very, quite
难怪 no wonder
flat (nose); collapse
一点儿 a little
多了 a lot more
美国 America
中国 China
上海 Shanghai
月饼 moon cake
look, watch
三明治 sandwich
long (time)
measure word for general use
people, person
玉镯 jade bangle
光盘 CD
戒指 ring
电脑 computer
阿姨 aunt
好吃 delicious
自己 self
粽子 zòngzi - sticky rice wrapped in leaves
包子 steamed bun
饺子 dumpling
to give as a gift
measure word for books
汽水 soft drink
可乐 cola
even more
端午节 Dragon Boat Festival
中秋节 Mid-Autumn/Moon Festival
春节 Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
年糕 New Year's cake made of sticky rice flour
蛋糕 cake
国庆节 National Day (1st October)
婚礼 wedding
妈妈 mum
爸爸 dad
哥哥 older brother
姐姐 older sister
妹妹 younger sister
弟弟 younger brother
寿桃 peach shaped birthday bun
Created by: MurrayLaoshi
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