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PV & Lymphatic Sys

Health Assessment Vocabulary

Allen Test Determining the patency of the radial and ulnar arteries by compressing one artery site and observing return of skin color as evidence of patency of the other artery
Aneurysm Defect or sac formed by dilation in artery wall due to atherosclerosis, trauma, or congenital defect
Arrhythmia Variation from the heart's normal rhythm
Arteriosclerosis Thickening and loss of elasticity of the arterial walls
Atherosclerosis Plaques of fatty deposits formed in the inner layer (intima) of the arteries
Bradychardia Slow heart rate, <50 beats per minute in the adult
Bruit Blowing, swooshing shound heard through a stethoscope when an artery is partially occluded
Cyanosis Dusky blue mottling of the skin and mucous membranes due to excessive amount of reduced hemoglobin in the blood
Diastole The heart's filling phase
Homans' Sign Calf pain that occurs when the foot is sharply dorsiflexed (pushed up, toward the knee); may occur with deep vein thrombosis, phlebitis, Achilles tendinitis, or muslce injury
Ischemia Deficiency of arterial blood to a body part due to constrcition or obstruction of a blood vessel
Lymphedema Swelling of extremity due to obstructed lymph channel, nonpitting
Lymph nodes Small oval clumps of lymphatic tissue located at grouped intervals along lymphatic vessels
Pitting edema Indentation left after examiner depresses the skin over swollen edematous tissue
Profile Sign Viewing the finger from the side to detect early clubbing
Pulse Pressure wave created by each heartbeat, palpable at body sites where the artery lies close to the skin and over a bone
Pulsus alternans Regular rhythm, but force of pulse varies with alternating beats of large and small amplitude
Pulsus bigeminus Irregular rhythm, every other beat is premature; premature beats have weakened amplitude
Pulsus paradoxus Beats have weaker amplitude with respiratory inspiration, stronger with expiration
Systole The heart's pumping phase
Tachycardia Rapid heart rate, >90 beats per minute in the adult
Thrombophlebitis Inflammation of the vein associated with thrombus formation
Ulcer Open skin lesion extending into dermis with sloughing of necrotic inflammatory tissue
Varicose vein Dilated tortuous veins with incompetent valves
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