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CH 37 RAD 170


AEC was introduced in 1942 by _____________. Russell H. Morgan
The single function of an AEC is to eliminate the need for the radiographer to set an exposure ____. time
During the use of AEC, ___ and ____ may still be set manually. mA; kVp
AEC provide diagnostic quality exposures only for structures positioned directly above the _____ _____. ionization chambers
The art of using AEC is the art of ______. positioning
All AEC systems permit the adjustment of the amount of ______ necessary to send the exposure termination signal. radiation
The ____ controls should not be used to compensate for patient part thickness or kVp changes. density (*AEC does this automatically*)
Poor positioning skills result in an _____ repeat rate when using AEC. increased
AEC problems with subject density and contrast occur whenever an ____ density is present or when an ____ density is lacking. unexpected; expected
Collimation located close to activated chambers should be ______. avoided
The ____ ____ _____ is the length of time necessary for the AEC to respond to the ionization and send a signal to terminate the exposure. minimum response time
The backup time should be set at ____ percent of the anticipated manual exposure time. 150
Federal law requires automatic termination at ____ mAs when working above ___ kVp. 600; 50
______ combine an AEC system with a technique chart that is computerized to correspond to anatomical procedures. Anatomically programmed radiography (APR)
A manual technique will always provide a precisely _______ exposure. repeatable